Judge Turpin aka Alan Rickman

I will miss the actor whose arrogance and snarl created memorable villains. Remember him in Sweeney Todd? Alan Rickman shows off his singing skills as Judge Turpin in “Pretty Women” with Johnny Depp.

What was your favorite role of his?

42 thoughts on “Judge Turpin aka Alan Rickman”

  1. Oh, that’s a great one Cindy. Certainly, his Hans Gruber from DIE HARD has to be there for me, but I think his Prof. Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series will always haunt me. God, I will miss this grand person and performer.

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  2. Alan Rickman could certainly menace, sneer and snarl, but I enjoyed his other, vulnerable personas such as those presented in Blow Dry, Bottle Shock, and Snow Cake.


  3. I liked him more when he wasn’t a theatrical villain. ‘Close My Eyes’ ( Stephen Poliakoff, 1991) where he acted as much with looks and glances, as well as the script and direction. I hope he isn’t only remembered for Harry Potter, as he was also as famous for his theatre work in the UK.
    Two sad losses in one week. Let’s hope there’s not a third.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. I know it is the most obvious role, but Hans Gruber Will always bear his signature. And it’s not simply that he gives a good performance. He also gives us one of the most memorable action movie villains in the history of film. Completely unforgettable.


  5. Great post. I realise how everyone shout about Die Hard and Harry Potter, but for me his performance in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves will always be the most memorable. I think he was just unbelievably great there.


  6. Hans Gruber was mine. Though he was an excellent and very versatile actor. I’m still sad he’s gone, but he left us with so many great performances to watch over and over again.


  7. Hi Cindy! For some reason I couldn’t access your site the last couple of days. I LOVE Rickman but I actually haven’t seen Sweeney Todd yet, though I’m sure I’d love his performance here. I’ve just posted 7 of my fave roles of his, I’ll miss him so much!

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    1. Hi Ruth, Sweeney Todd has an interesting history as a Broadway Musical from the 80s. It starred Angela Lansbury and she won a Tony. The play is based on a true story from the Victorian Age in London where a barber went together with a baker and served meat pies made out of humans. Times were rough 😉 So its disgusting. But, the music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim are exquisite. The Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration is quite good, really, except Tim overdoes it with the blood and Helena B. Carter’s voice is tinny.


  8. I saw most of the movies with Alan Rickman and enjoyed them. I felt Sweeney Todd was fun and yet expectedly creepy, in “Sweeney Todd.” In Robin Hood, with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman he was great villain. Yet, his human role, as a husband with just flirtation on his mind brings me (and Emma Thompson) to tears in, “Love Actually.”
    Speaking of Emma T. she ends up with Hugh Grant and her sister ends up with Alan Rickman in “Sense and Sensibility” where he is a sweet, kind neighbor and gentleman. 🙂 This will be my ☆ favorite role, as a good guy.


    1. I agree with you, Robin. I love him in Sense and Sensibility. And wanted to clobber him in Love, Actually. Joni Mitchell. Her music would make anyone cry.
      I sure would love your participation on February 13 when we discuss female protagonists. Have you seen any of the three choices set up for Lucky 13 Film Club?


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