Five Shots: Perkinsville Road, AZ

At approximately 5,000 ft., if you drive the dirt road called Perkinsville Road from Jerome, Arizona, and aim north, it follows the mountain ridge providing breathless views of Sycamore Canyon Wilderness with the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, in the distance.

1. Fifty Miles to Flagstaff
2. A Road Less Traveled
3. Red Rocks before the Peaks
4. San Francisco Peaks
5. Volcanic Mounds NW of Flagstaff

I had to throw in a grass picture taken down by the Verde River by Tuzigoot. Spring has sprung!

6. Grass!Β 

Check out more information about Perkinsville RoadΒ HERE.

Which picture do you like best?

48 Comments on “Five Shots: Perkinsville Road, AZ

  1. Did you call me recently? If so I am sorry o missed it So much happening over Christmas I’ll email soon with more details Crazy stuff All good now thank god Love you Xox Carolyn k

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    • Your eyes play tricks on you. Sometimes when driving The Peaks seem large and you can grab them. Then dip down and they slipped away. Thanks, Karen!

  2. If I have to choose, then picture 2, as that road sure looks remote, and is evocative of western trails, and old films.
    The mention of Flagstaff has put the song ‘Route 66’ into my head. “Flagstaff Arizona, don’t forget Winona…”
    It will be there all day now, undoubtedly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I think I’m partial to # 4, but something tells me that the actual scenery is more breath-taking in person, is it?

    • Good morning, GP. You know the answer to that one! The eyes are miraculous; my camera can’t capture the breadth and depth of colors and layers. Not mention the smells and the breeze and the sunshine on my shoulders. πŸ™‚

    • Me, too! You find this groves around the river and out pop this Emerald green ground cover that’s just amazing, especially the desert now with the gray rocks and winter shades. A promise the season is changing. Hope. Crazy how powerful grass is, eh?

  4. Is the money shot but 1. Makes me yearn to just walk off towards that direction to see what I might find. 5. Has a little of that going on too and of course they’re all beautiful shots.

    • Lloyd, I have been missing your posts–I’m glad you stopped by today so I could follow again. Thanks for the vote–it’s one of my favorite feelings to be on the periphery of space. Do you get a chance to get out and explore Australia? I’ve only been to Cairns and Sydney but have wanted to explore Melbourne, the coast, Perth, Tasmania, that red rock in the Outback…..

      • I’ve never been to Cairns. I wonder if your travels to Oz came courtesy of working in a certain fleet of ships? I go hiking up at the Sunshine Coast occasionally. Inspired by your posts I have been considering doing one or two about those hikes. My last interstate trip was Canberra and Sydney which I really enjoyed. Interestingly I want to take a road trip this year going more away from the coast.

    • Thanks, Rick! We are in the same region, I think. Love the big blue sky and the endless space. I had no idea AZ was a gigantic state when I first moved here.

      • I looked like a lovely clear day, must great to get away from it all for a short while, and enjoy such spectacular scenery πŸ™‚

          • Well, I live in the UK, so there are lots of great places to visit. I love walking by the sea, east Anglia has some lovely placed to visit along the coast. I also love Wales, Colwyn Bay is beautiful. Sometimes we spend so much of our lives dashing about, I think its essential to get away from it all sometimes, even if only for a few days πŸ™‚

          • Paul, I spent 3 weeks in Dorset at an Elizabethan Manor House, a converted Agriculture School. Our group stayed in the dorms. Oh, what a wonderful time daydreaming in the gardens, star gazing in the gazebo, visiting Durdle Door, studying Thomas Hardy. It was my favorite spot in England, thus far. I miss England very much. I was so close to Wales and never made it there. I’m hoping one day to return and spend a summer there.

          • Yes, Dorset is a lovely part of the country as well. Sounds like you had a great time. I’d certainly recommend Wales its really nice, especially in summer πŸ™‚

  5. Mention of Flagstaff always brings to mind Monte Hellman’s Two-Lane Blacktop. I imagine The Driver and The Mechanic have traversed Perkinsville Road many times in their 55 Chevy.
    #4 is my favourite of this selection. There is something about snow-capped peaks on the horizon.

    • Hi Paul, you changed your avatar pic–I didn’t recognize you! Thanks for chiming in with the one that spoke to you. Mt. Humphrey is approximately 13,000 feet high–they are great set of mountains for hiking. They are great, too, as an icon from the distance. Many Native American tribes hold the SF Peaks as sacred.

    • Ta! We are heading down to Tucson tomorrow for the weekend. Stay tuned for more photo posts next week. Supposed to be 90 this weekend! Yikes!

      • wisht i wuz there .. we’ll be heading down again … as soon as our dollar rises. ??
        “90”!! ?? easy for you to say.

  6. Great eye, as always. I am partial to 4, except it is 10below right now and that green grass looks so good.

    • Ingrid, thank you very much for your vote! All our snow has melted. It’s been balmy and sunny. Hope your stay on the TX coast is enjoyable. I enjoy reading your RV adventures. I have half a mind to follow in your footsteps. πŸ™‚

      • I’m back in Phoenix basking in the sunshine. We’ve seriously considered a home base in Cottonwood or Prescott Valley, but I’m just not ready to pull the trigger. Perhaps one day. Let me know if you ever have any questions regarding our lifestyle or would like to meet for coffee πŸ™‚



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