Five Shots: Dead Horse Ranch, Arizona


Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona has three lagoons where bird lovers, fisherman, and families commune with nature. At seven this morning, we walked and fished.

Here are the fellows I met today:

Lagoon One
Lagoon One
DSC02405 (1)
The Gray Heron’s Mole


Jim’s Big Mouth Bass

Big Mouth
A Sunday Morning Bench
A Happy Turtle
American Coot
Under the Beak
Bald Eagle
Cattail, Reeds, and Trees
Which shot do you like best?Β 

There’s more information about Dead Horse State Park found HERE

45 thoughts on “Five Shots: Dead Horse Ranch, Arizona

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  1. Like Paul S, I loved the Bald Eagle, as I would never see that here. I do see herons and moles, and wish that i could convince a heron to deal with the moles in my back garden!
    You have made me think that I should get up earlier. I rarely see the outdoors at 7 am these days.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I enjoyed this post, Cindy! My favourite is “Jim’s Big Mouth Bass,” but I’m partial, of course ;P

    By the way, you should look up the “Rule of Thirds.” You use it a lot in your landscape photography – you have a good natural eye!


    1. Ta, Anna. My kids like to tease me. “Why don’t you ever put anything in the middle of the frame?” Since you are in photography school, please, teach these older eyes to see. πŸ˜‰


  3. They maybe more than Five Shots but I’m not complaining. I kinda dig the turtle one and nice to see Jim with the Big Bass and must have been a real treat to get that close to the Bald Eagle but…my favourite shot is the Sunday Morning Bench one. I doubt it would be considered the best photo but it makes me want to be there and you can’t beat that.


    1. Hi Lloyd. I may have to drop the “Five Shots” title because it’s hard for me to restrict myself, but all my photo posts are under it, so IDK. I’m also having issues with my camera. It just doesn’t take crystal clear shots anymore. I can’t figure out what’s wrong. But thank you for liking the shots and yes, the bench isn’t great, but it’s a nice place to be!

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    1. Why are turtles so cute? Reptiles are ugly, yet, I love them. My ideal trip is to go to Belize or Tobago in early June and with a stick, defend the hatched eggs trying to crawl to sea. I can’t think of a greater cause. πŸ˜‰


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