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Five Shots: Oak Creek Golfing


I don’t take golfing seriously. Once upon a time I drove 200 yards, walked the course, and regularly shot 45 for 9 holes. Since I’m not that athlete anymore, I tend to do the following: drive the cart, work on my short game, listen to Leo Kottke, sip some beers, and marvel how green is the manicured grass. For me, it’s a relaxing way to wrap up a weekend afternoon.

Red Rocks next to the fairway
The Back 9
A Par 3
Large Putting Greens
On to the next one
On to the next one
A breeze ruffles the reflection

 Fifty Yards Out
Fifty Yards Out

Oak Creek Country Club, outside of Sedona, is an 18 hole golf course open to the public. It’s a Trent Jones Sr./Jr. design and rated 7th in the state. The best news is that it’s affordable. Would you believe me if I told you it’s only $25 after 3:00 p.m.? How’s your golf game?

38 thoughts on “Five Shots: Oak Creek Golfing”

  1. Golf is a game that I never ‘got’. I have never played, (except Crazy Golf) and never wanted to. Then again, with scenery like that, I would happily just walk around the course with no clubs! Lovely shots indeed, Cindy.
    I am envious of that light out west, especially on a grey afternoon in Beetley, with a ‘battleship sky.’.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. When I moved to AZ almost four years ago, I have since been shocked at how large the state is. You can go any distance for an hour and find a completely different topography. Where I live is arid, but we have green trees along the river as well as shrubs and dirt like one envisions Phoenix. Up north are the Ponderosa Pines and plenty of snow. I enjoy the variety. The green course is, indeed, an oasis.


  2. Beautiful golf course and wonderful background scenery. My daughter got married at a golf course in Auburn CA and after years in Washington returned to a gated community next to that same golf course.


      1. i once went through a period when i feared i would hate the color green, and wondered how i would keep my sanity living in the evergreen state were i disabled by a green phobia.


  3. I had the chance to stay in Sedona for a week. It was AMAZING! I definitely hope to be able to golf in Arizona sometime in the future! The course looks gorgeous! I just started blogging and wanted to be able to provide reviews of all the Greater Houston Area Courses that I play. Thank you for this.

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    1. Welcome, Hugo. Oak Creek Country Club is open to the public and it’s rated 7th in the state. There are many courses around Sedona–I live next door in the Verde Valley–they are expensive. We stay away from the expensive ones. I’d rate Oak Creek, in Sedona, Elephant Hills in Williams (by Flagstaff) and the Continental in Flagstaff beautiful courses that aren’t too expensive. Houston certainly has many courses! Good luck with your blog and thank you for stopping by mine. 🙂

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