White Mountains, Arizona

photographyAt the eastern section of Arizona, the White Mountains region is famous for fishing, hiking, camping and just about any four season outdoor activity your heart desires. Big Baldy Mountain at 11,421′ in Apache County looks down on many mountain lakes and campgrounds. Here are seven shots of a meadow surrounding two popular lakes for camping and fishing, Big Lake and Crescent Lake. 

Big Lake
Back End of Big Lake
Back End of Big Lake
The Hike on the Meadow
The Start of a Hike
Meadow Hike Trail
Meadow Hike Trail
Crescent Lake
Crescent Lake
Fishing on the Pier
Fishing on the Pier
Red Cabin, Crescent Lake
Red Cabin, Crescent Lake

In a month, the white grass will be green, but I liked the sparse, pristine setting. It was 65 degrees and sunny all weekend.  AZWHITEMOUNTAINS.NET is the place to go to learn more about this beautiful part of Arizona. Which shot do you like best? 

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    1. Hi, G.R. Thank you for commenting. I wandered around the top of the world, it felt like, the space wide and white, the sun blue and brilliant. I’ve had an amazing day.

      1. 🙂 The fact that you know what “those dots” are is way more than enough!

        Dammit, earlier I had stated that I really loved pictures Big Lake, the start of a hike, and Crescent Lake. Obviously I didn’t send the right comment.

    1. Ingrid, we stayed in Alpine at a lodge which was fun. There are campgrounds all over. I liked Big Lake. Off of 260 by Greer are pretty campgrounds. There was a fire in 2011 and 2012 which burned sections of the forest. The growth and new trees give the area hope. Stubbly sections; perhaps you should investigate before committing to place.

  1. Your photographs are stunning, and make me yearn to take a road trip, far away from the grimness of urban life!

    1. Just around the corner! You bettcha. Oh, you would like this detail. On the way home we saw true working cowboys marching a head of cattle from A to B. There were 8 of them.

    1. This one was only four hours away. That’s what’s cool about the state of Arizona. You can see such a variety of topography and it’s not crowded here. It’s new (1910 it became a state) and clean and 50 percent of the residents transferred here from somewhere else. The Native American voice is fascinating and Hispanic culture like an Anaheim pepper thrown into the pot. It’s not boring.

    1. Well, I have come to really appreciate it. Coming from the Midwest and east coast, my perception of AZ was it looked like a setting from Mars. But I’ve learned it’s very diverse. I like the North Central region. Thank you for stopping by.

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