Lucky 13 Film Club: Musicals

0001-60259980A quick reminder to watch a musical you have not seen or revisit your favorite. Join in the discussion on June 13 and talk with Robin and I regarding musicals from stage to the screen. Sure, if your favorite on the screen didn’t adapt from the stage, you can talk about it. Are you a fan of Bob Fosse? Rogers and Hammerstein? Who’s better Andrew Lloyd Webber or Stephen Sondheim? Tell us what you think on Monday, June 13. 


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    1. Just a sampling of common ones people have loved. Yes, lots of memories I’ve had on the stage in high school productions. West Side Story, my mother introduced me to that and I’ve loved it more than any other musical. An opinion about a couple of your favorites would be most welcome, Allen.


    1. Yes, a charming time, those classics. Please share your top pick on Monday. Most would agree The Sound of Music is as about a perfect musical as you can get. I am hoping people will want to talk about why. 🙂

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  1. I was always a fan of the lighthearted musicals (Seven Brothers for Seven Brides, Brigadoon, An American in Paris, Mary Poppins, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. . . ) So many have serious themes, which it seems almost inappropriate to sing about unhappy experiences. . .
    That being said, WWII was an integral part of “The Sound of Music,” prejudice was evident in “South Pacific,” “The King and I,” “Flower Drum Song,” and “Porgy and Bess,”
    “West Side Story” and “Carousel” have the main love interest(s), love is bittersweet with a couple’s misunderstanding in the first and in the latter, a “carnival worker” or “carny” being rather shifty
    Just some snippets I was pondering about musicals and why do they have such angst involved in them? (Phantom, Les Mis, Rent and Sweeney Todd wouldn’t be around if death and misery weren’t included!)
    I am looking forward to reading what Cindy thinks about these all time favorite musicals! Thank you so much for allowing me to put my two cents in! 🙂


    1. Do you think the era from which the musical is released has a connection to what’s going on in society at the time? I sure do. I am looking forward to posting these answers and more on Monday. See you soon!


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