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Lucky 13 Film Club July Topic


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Welcome, Californian Michael from It Rains, You Get Wet.  A fun part of running the Lucky 13 Film Club is the collaborative process shared with my co-hosts. Michael and I have been emailing about what to offer you for a discussion topic on July 13, and we decided to focus on authors whose books are frequently turned into films. As Michael and I fleshed out the goal for the day, we decided to feature 3 choices each recognizing that the adage “the book is better than the film” usually applies. Some film adaptations are great while others loathed, so join us on July 13 to discuss authors whose books have been adapted to films with varying degrees of success. Will it be Tom Clancy, Roald Dahl, James Patterson, Zane Grey, J.R.R. Tolkien, or J. K. Rowling? Alexandre Dumas? Stan Lee? Charles Dickens or Ian Fleming?

Michael’s three picks:  Michael Crichton, Elmore Leonard, and Stephen King. 

Cindy’s three picks:  Cormac McCarthy, William Somerset Maugham, and Jane Austen. 

See you on the July 13.

26 thoughts on “Lucky 13 Film Club July Topic”

  1. The first ones that come to mind are the really bad ones – like the “Reacher” film, based on Lee Child’s book “One Shot”. Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher???? give me a break! And I thought the film trilogy based on “The Hobbit” was a hopeless mess. All credit to Peter Jackson, though, for “Lord of the Rings”. My kids and I have watched them dozens of times.
    Here in Sweden Astrid Lindgren’s “Pippi Longstocking” and “Emil” books have been beautifully filmed and remain classics after 30 years.
    Oh, this is a huge subject, Cindy. Looking forward to the 13th…:)


  2. I’ll be there, looking forward to the Authors both of you picked. I’m going to think of a couple more, I have one in mind, then add Fleming since you guys did not pick him,
    Now I want a third to ponder.


  3. Hmmm … Razord’s Edge is my all-time favorite book. I thought the 1946 movie did a pretty good job adapting the book. The casting was nearly perfect. Have you seen the 1984 version, with Bill Murray? Not very good. It was a well-intentioned misfire.


      1. I read Bondage in college. A long, fascinating book to be sure. The movie versions — 1934, 1946, 1964 — condensed the book quite a bit. Prose wise, Razord’s Edge is not as good as Bondage, but I love its existential themes. The 1946 is quite good. Tyron Power is just okay, but Gene Tierney, Anne Baxter, and Clifton Webb really nailed their characters. Theresa Russell is the best thing about the 1984 remake. The rest is open to debate.


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