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Lucky 13 Film Club: August Topic

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Hello, friends! My Australian buddy, Jordan, from EPILEPTICMOONDANCER, is passionate about Terry Gilliam and his satirical dystopian trilogy. Everyone loves 12 Monkeys(1995). Somehow I missed Brazil (1985) and while The Zero Theorem (2013) did not awe the critics, what did you think? I agree with Jordan that a science fiction discussion is overdue. How are the three films connected? With fresh eyes or new ones, why not rent one or the whole trilogy and come back and see us on August 13.

21 thoughts on “Lucky 13 Film Club: August Topic”

  1. Looks good, Cindy and Jordan. I haven’t seen ‘The Zero Theorem’, but the other two are well-known to me, especially ‘Brazil’.
    See you on the 13th!
    Best wishes, Pete.


          1. Oh of course my friend! Btw, I’ve got a double review of Star Trek Beyond just went up, curious to hear what you think.


          2. It was a great visit. It was the first time she was able to get away after my dad passed in April. I was so happy we spent the week together. Now I have to start back at school on Monday. I’m so behind with blogging and writing.


          3. Hey Cindy! That’s wonderful you got to spend some quality time w/ your mother. Well I hope you get some writing time in the next few weeks.

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  2. I’m a big fan of Gilliam. I think Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is his masterpiece. Tideland is very underrated. I didn’t care for Zero Theorem, though — the very first time the master has disappointed me.


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