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Five Shots: Garland Prairie, Arizona

30 miles to the San Francisco Peaks

Over the weekend, we drove north on Perkinsville Road around the west side of the Sycamore Wilderness and headed into the Ponderosa Pines of the Kaibab National Forest when suddenly out we came to the edge of a prairie. With a liberated gasp, we felt like we had walked into a painting of Charles Monet. Looking across, yearning to hike, but that’s an adventure for another day. Here are five shots of Garland Prairie, just south of Route 66 (hwy 40) west of Flagstaff, Arizona.

An Abandoned Shed
garland prairie flowers
Monet Sky


A gentle road flanked by flowers.


garland prairie barn
Garland Prairie Homestead


Which one do you like best?

45 thoughts on “Five Shots: Garland Prairie, Arizona”

  1. Nice to have a wilderness to explore, Cindy. My favourite is the second one, the abandoned shed. I like the composition of that shot, but they are all good.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. It’s hard to see, but behind the shed is a field full of nothing but Black-eyed Susans. If that sight doesn’t cheer one up, nothing would. I couldn’t get in there to take a shot. Thanks, Pete.


  2. I’ve come to appreciate the extreme diversity Arizona offers. We spent a couple of days camped at Kaibab Lake and loved it. Williams was a fun town with the Route 66 theme. We’re off to Prescott now for a couple of months. Perhaps, once I get rid of a nasty cold, we could meet for coffee/lunch?


    1. Hi Ingrid! I would love that! Sorry you are ill. We are very close now, aren’t we? Lunch sounds like fun. There’s a new RV park going up in Clarkdale. It’s in a great spot off 89A looking out to the Sycamore Wilderness. They haven’t built it yet, but I reckon you might like that spot.


      1. I’ll definitely need to keep that new RV Park in mind (once completed). I’ll touch base with you once we’re settled and I start feeling better 🙂


  3. Cindy the red soil road reminded me of country I used to travel in my early years working country centres for a CPA practice in Australia before moving overseas. Lovely shots. I’d enjoy sitting and taking those scenes in. Very restful.


  4. We lived on out on the Alberta prairie when I was a kid. Some people think it’s boring out there. I don’t recall being bored at all. And obviously – as your pics show – there is some beauty out there too.

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