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Five Shots: Hiking Shots

It’s been 4.5 years since I moved to Arizona from Virginia. I hungrily hiked and explored the state back then. Now, my camera is broken, and it has been weeks since my last hike. I reminisced through my gallery of hiking shots and pulled out some of my favorites. I love being outdoors–the higher the altitude, the space away from people, and wallowing in the silence is when I feel at peace no matter the season. I wouldn’t be so adventurous without Jim. Bear, my trusty German Shepherd, helps keep me safe, too. So here are a dozen shots from our explorations. Which photo do you like the best?Β 

DSC02339 - Copy
1. Mountain lake
2. Setting Sun Slaps the Bluff
3. Sunrise
4. Cactus Pear
5. Tuzigoot Monument in the Snow
6. Fall Maples in Oak Creek Canyon
7. On top of Mingus Mountain
8. I caught a lightning bolt!
9. Wild Mountain Iris
10. Hart Prairie
11. Sun Setting on a Mogollon Rim Lake
12. Hiking through Sycamore Canyon Wilderness

If you had one hike today, if you could jump into a photograph, which one appeals to you?Β 

71 thoughts on “Five Shots: Hiking Shots”

    1. Yes, I understand. England has lots of lush hiking spots. I am surprised at the colors of the cacti for such prickly, indomitable creatures, they have personalities. The Saguaro is a fascinating desert “tree” homes to birds and each shaped like a person.
      Have a great day, Pete.


  1. I’m always partial to lighting shots. Those are so tricky to get! Nice capture! Also I love the mountain vistas and the shots around the lake. Everything looks peaceful.


    1. Yay! I think technically the wild Iris shot is “bad” because of the out of focus behind it, but I was so in love with the gem-like colors. I could sit at the lakeside for hours watching the sun change the colors on the trunks and stones. Thanks for liking that one. I like the clouds in it, too.

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  2. Great photos. I like the one with the fall Maples in the canyon, lovely how the fall colors of the trees contrast with the beautiful scenery. Also like the cactus pear, very nice. These images must hold some lovely memories for you and your walks.


  3. It’s very difficult to choose just one from so many beautiful photos…but it’s the lightning bolt that hit me! Thanks for sharing, Cindy.


  4. If I moved to Arizona, I would do a lot of hiking, the same like you πŸ™‚ All the pictures are gorgeous, but I especially love the prickly pear, the lightning bolt, and the last picture, the panorama.


  5. Love them all! Especially “10. Hart Prairie”, reminds me of something I’d take a photo of. I also really liked the lightning bolt and no. 3 looks INCREDIBLE as well. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area!!


        1. I’ve seen your shots–you have a creative eye. I get bored easily, so I give myself a “photography assignment” like a theme or texture or color and apply it to where ever I am. It’s a quiet way to be productive.


  6. Thanks for sharing these photos! I’m from Arizona and I love being able to hike out here and enjoy our beautiful weather and landscape. And I have yet to visit some of the trails you have listed here myself!

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  7. WOW all of these photos were stunning! Choosing a favorite is very difficult but I’d have to say the 10th picture looked like a dream to me and really resonated with me. Hope you get your camera fixed because you have a great eye! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚


    1. Howdy, Meghan. Thanks for voting! We have a bit in common. I relocated to AZ from the Shenandoah Valley. Many of my former VA students were proud to go to Virginia Tech. Have a Merry Christmas. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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