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Five Shots: Aspen Leafing

Yesterday we spent the day surrounded by golds and blues in Coconino National Forest. Here are five shots plus a few extra taken at Hart Prairie, Flagstaff, AZ. Which one do you like best?

1. Kendrick Peak in the distance
2. Looking Up at the Mighty
3. Mt. Humphrey, one of the San Francisco Peaks
4. A clone of Quaking Aspens
5. My kind of yellow brick road
6. Zapped ferns, trunks, and gold confetti
6. Fall hikers
7. Hart Prairie
8. One
The Path of Least Resistance
9. The path of least resistance


41 thoughts on “Five Shots: Aspen Leafing”

    1. Hi Tom, thanks. From the side of the road, they don’t look that tall. But when you approach a cluster, it’s hard not to be smitten with their human-like qualities. They sway and flutter and talk to you. I always think of that scene with John Travolta in Phenomenon, albeit it was a grove of Pines. The science behind Aspens piques my interest while my heart likes the communion.


  1. Yes! Great photos. My fav is the ‘yellow brick road’. I like how the distant mountains look in the first photo too, but for the theme those yellow leaves are gorgeous. In Eastern Canada we get a lot of reds and yellows for Fall, so it’s nice to see a forest of yellow aspens and such. Thanks for taking a breath and showing us your view 🙂

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  2. STUNNING! I love #8. Examining the shot you can see a golden leaf falling towards the camera. Absolutely love it. Of course Fall offers up so many opportunities for gorgeous shots.

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  3. Hi, Cindy:

    Really like #3. The Mt. Humphrey photo. And its changing gold leaves creating a waterfall effect!

    Also like #5. The “Yellow Brick Road”.

    Colors haven’t begun starting to change in earners here on the east coast.

    Still dropping around by the Lucky 13 post for late arrivals and stragglers.

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      1. Indeed it is! Perfect weather for Twin Cities Film Fest that’s going on right now. Speaking of which, hope you’ll take some time to check out my coverage. Just reviewed the PTSD film featuring a female marine, Blood Stripe.

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  4. They’re all so beautiful. It’s not really comparable but I took Little O for a long walk around one of the local parks we are lucky enough to be surrounded by and the autumnal colours of all the leaves were so lovely. Soothing for the soul.

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    1. Oh, yes. You knew the feeling! BTW, I Am doing zero blogging for awhile. I am so close to finishing the,first draft of my second book. I will be more social after that’s done. I am glad to hear little O is well!


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