Five Shots: Stormy Sunsets

A storm is brewing in the Verde Valley. This time of year in North Central Arizona means dramatic cloud formations and breathtaking sunsets. Here are some shots I rediscovered in my gallery. Clouds in a big sky are liberating, do you agree?  

1. Snow Creeps Over Mingus Mt.
2. Pink Mashup
2. Pink Mashup
3. Pumpkin Sky
3. Pumpkin Sky
4. Bruised Streaks
4. Bruised Streaks
5. Infinite Layers
5. Infinite Layers
6. Cloud Explosion
6. Cloud Explosion
7. Honey Syrup
7. Honey Syrup

Which one do you like best? 

31 thoughts on “Five Shots: Stormy Sunsets

Add yours

    1. Hi, Ian. Yes, Phx looks like Mars and it takes talent to ignore the shrubbery and focus on the cool horizon shapes and skies. North Central AZ is greener and far less hot. This morning I’m wearing a stocking hat and gloves as I take Bear for his morning walk. It’s 48 degrees and lightly raining.

  1. “Bruised Streaks” is the sky for me/ Thanx again, fellow film fan/ Your own SouthWest scouted film sites are agreeable as you take advantage of the magic time when the light is just right, pleasing & golden

  2. I like #6. Forty years ago now, I used to go camping in the Scottish Highlands and the best bit was the mist and cloud blowing in front of a mountain peak. Excellent photo!

    1. Hi John! Nature sure can be comforting. My old shots of the Scottish Highlands from the early 80s show that mist and rolling clouds, too. Fast forward, Mingus Mt. at certain times, echos favorite places.

  3. Great shots as usual, Cindy. I have to go with ‘pink mashup’ on this occasion, because I have not seen anything like it. I was left imagining an alien invasion!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Hi, Cindy:

    ‘Bruised Streaks’ is very reminiscent of a sunset I shot on the coast west of Tampa, FL.

    Second would be ‘Cloud Explosion’. Reminds me of the sky just before Ball Lighting rolls across the night sky!

    1. Hi Kevin, thank you for popping ’round today :). I never tire trying to capture the colors. Yesterday a rainbow looked like it was digging into a fold of the mountain side. Really interesting colors.

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