Lucky 13 Film Club December Topic


This monthly feature includes a guest host and the dissection of a film topic. Bring your love for the movies and join the discussion.  All are welcome. This month, we will spotlight a current release. 

Allied opens today, a WWII espionage film starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard and directed by Robert Zemeckis. Your assignment if you choose to accept is to watch it before December 13, and then share your opinions with the insights of two favorite bloggers of mine: RUTH FROM FLIXCHATTER and KEITH & THE MOVIES.

Stop by then and join the fun!



13 thoughts on “Lucky 13 Film Club December Topic

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  1. Unfortunately, this film doesn’t get released here until the end of November, and may well not appear in this region for some time after that. However, I will certainly be around on the 13th, eager to see what everyone makes of it.
    Best wishes, Pete.,


  2. Saw “Allied” this evening and I highly recommend it.. in spite of it being a chick flick. Great performance by all.. and good storyline. I think I heard/read somewhere that this based loosely on a true story… but unsure how much of this was actual events. Regardless.. you should see it.
    A message for Pete… they use a couple British Sten guns as the stars off a nazi target. Interesting that they fired the weapons NOT with their hands holding the side mounted magazine but rather one hand under the front barrel. I’ve heard these weapons would tend to jam when gripping the magazine; the rapid recoil against the magazine would shift the magazine inside the weapon thus failing to feed the next round properly. BUT.. having said all that, I am guessing like all good submachine guns there would be a tendency of muzzle climb while firing. A hand on the barrel, while less of a problem for jamming, would be difficult to control muzzle climb. Conversely, the German MP40, which I have fired, allows for one hand to grip the magazine directly with apparently no jamming. Your thoughts on the movie accuracy with this weapon’s use?


  3. Seems a different kind of film for Zemeckis?? but I probably haven’t been paying attention.
    I do think he is a director that is under-recognized. Most everything he does is excellent.
    There is a underlying SUBSTANCE to most of his work. And this looks like a pretty good movie also.


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