4th Anniversary


Today, WP informed me I’ve been blogging for four years. What a community! Thank you, everyone for reading, liking, and commenting on my 429 posts.

Reflecting about my blog, I:  write about the movies, but I don’t usually do formal reviews. Instead, I tend to combine films with a similar theme, book, star or genre. I occasionally participate in blogathons. I like to take pictures, mostly of landscapes and nature. I like to share my opinion about cultural topics or something interesting about a time period. I summarize what I’ve been reading and watching on a monthly basis. I enjoy Cindy’s Lucky 13 Film Club because of the camaraderie and conversations that take place. I’ve also shared snippets of characters I’ve created. Some people devote themselves to one category, but I enjoy a few. I would benefit knowing your preferences. Would you mind taking a poll? Thank you for your friendship.

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    1. I suspect you are the one voter who wrote in the “other” box, but it doesn’t tell me what the suggestion is. What would you have me do here? You are my most loyal follower. I appreciate you. β™₯


      1. I got the poll up in a different tab, and it didn’t look like the one above.I am sure I said something like ‘I like them all and can’t choose’. But I honestly don’t recall, as I did it too fast! (As usual)
        If you want to trim up your blog, run a separate one for your photos, and that way photo-only fans can just follow that.(And so would I) I like to read your book developments, and enjoy ‘Are you not entertained’. I would of course read any short stories too, but it is mainly the film writing and articles that I like, for obvious reasons.
        Congratulations on your four years. My fourth year also came up this summer, so we have been around for much the same time.
        I am very pleased that you continued to carry on blogging. In all sincerity, it wouldn’t be the same without you.
        Best wishes as always, Pete.


        1. Thanks, Pete. It came down to instant gratification and time. When I wrote the first novel, I was very lonely. No kids. No mate. Friends far away. When I wasn’t teaching, I literally lived alone in a condo at beautiful resort. All I did was walk around the like, hike into the woods, and write the novel.
          My life today won’t allow me the luxury of tons of uninterrupted time. But I’m no longer lonely, either. It’s full to the brim. πŸ™‚
          Trim my blog. It’s funny how many movie bloggers comment on my photos.;) It’s fast and easy.
          It’s the articles that have thought in them that elicit the least response. Strange, the blogosphere.


  1. It’s difficult to vote on your poll because the variety of your content is what makes this place special.
    I don’t comment on anything and everything, but I can guarantee in any given week you will post something that grabs my attention. The last four years must have been very enjoyable. I hope you’ll be around for a long time to come!

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      1. Thanks Cindy, I appreciate your kind words.
        Like you I wonder what the blogging future holds. I’ve been doing this for over 6 years (18 months on blogspot and almost 5 years on WordPress) and I’ve seen so many great bloggers come and go. In this age of Twitter and Facebook bloggers are akin to people who still write handwritten letters.
        I think the quality of your content is reflected in the quality of your following. Your comment threads are always interesting and for me comments are the joy of blogging. I do often think I’ll call it a day, but blogging is a hard habit to break!


  2. Congrats!! And Happy 4th Birthday!! πŸ˜€
    I love everything about your Blog, movie critiques, the Lucky 13 club, 5 shots, creative writing/research!!! Just wish I had more time to visit your blog more frequently πŸ™‚


  3. According to the poll results, you’ve been on the right track all along, Cindy. Keep up the good work!
    Thanksgiving has kept me busier than usual this year, I sure hope you had a great one and are still enjoying your weekend!!!


      1. Hiya Cindy. I did enjoy Arrival, though it was very good. Haven’t reviewed it though as yet. Actually haven’t reviewed many films for a while, my schedule has been mostly taken up with comic book & TV reviews lately. I’d really like to do more film reviews, new and older stuff, its just having the time really. I love reviewing comics, but I do miss film reviews. Something I’ll have to try and do more of in 2017 perhaps.


          1. Comic book reviews have been my main focus this year, especially with no new season of Doctor Who until 2017. Film reviews are certainly something I’d like to do more of though. Next year I’ll probably space my schedule out a bit more, so that should give me more time. Yeah, I love Science Fiction a lot, so there’s always lots to enjoy isn’t there? Be it film, tv, or comics πŸ™‚

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  4. Bravo to you Cindy! I could have marked all of your choices – you have a diverse collection of interesting material to share – I particularly like to offer opinions on films, both current and classic – and to see how you and your friends feel about films as well as music, TV, all forms of entertainment…it’s always great to have other perspectives!


  5. Woo hoo! Congrats on your 4th blogaversary Cindy. I love pretty much every post you did, but I always enjoy your photo posts and the monthly roundup. Keep up the great work, my dear friend!


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