Five Shots: A Revisit to Greece

Six months ago, our educational traveling group went to Athens and island hopped in the Aegean Sea. I’m sure I took over a hundred photos, but only shared a few. If you missed the original posts, I linked them at the end. I enjoy looking at summer shots during the winter and vice versa. They always stir a memory. Here are 5 + 10 shots you haven’t seen.

1. Patmos dinner at the beach
2. Mykonos Harbor
2. Mykonos Harbor
3. Mykonos Windmills
3. Mykonos Windmills
4. Mykonos Sunset
4. Mykonos Sunset
5. Mykonos Sunset II
5. Mykonos Sunset II
6. Mykonos High Tide
6. Mykonos High Tide
7. Mykonos at night
7. Mykonos at night
8. Rhodes Fortress in the Harbor
8. Rhodes Fortress in the Harbor
9. Rhodes North Beach
9. Rhodes North Beach
10. Rhodes North Beach II
10. Rhodes North Beach II
12. Rhodes North Beach III
11. Rhodes North Beach III
13. Santorini
12. Santorini
14. Santorini II
13. Santorini II
15. Santorini III
14. Santorini III
16. Good bye, Athens.
15. Goodbye, Athens.
Which ones resonate with you? 

If you missed the original posts, check them out here:

39 thoughts on “Five Shots: A Revisit to Greece

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  1. Nice to see the iconic Mykonos windmills shot from behind. That’s untypical, and good to see them from that angle.
    The table on the beach reminds me of a restaurant where we used to eat in Bodrum, Turkey. We always took a table right at the water’s edge, with a view across to the harbour.
    Nice memories of a warm summer, Cindy.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Only in my imagination! If I ever get the chance to go back, I’m going to explore the lesser-populated islands. Spend the month of July somewhere far from the maddening crowd. That’s my imagination talking, too. Thanks, JC.

  2. The color of the water in #9, #10 and #11 is unreal. So beautiful. My other favorites are #1-8 and #12 – 15. 😉

    Excellent photography, this is definitely one of the categories I voted for in the poll you posted on your recent blogiversary post 😀

    1. You know when you stare at something so beautiful, as you focus on it, you can’t believe your actually seeing it. The color of the water is my favorite part about the Aegean/Greece. I love photography because of the challenge of trying to capture something glorious. Then the warmth you create inside of yourself when you stumble upon the image 6 months later. Thanks, Tom for voting, too. I’m glad you liked them all. You’re the best. Next summer I’m going to Spain. I can’t wait to take pictures there! The Moorish influences, the architecture, more water….

  3. Time flies. It doesn’t seem five minutes since you were back from your trip and looking at your photographs I realised it’s over 30 years since I holidayed in Rhodes. The beach shots are my favourite of this selection. They brought back some happy memories!

    1. Hi Paul. I remember you commenting on the original set and I remember you saying Rhodes was your family hangout. Wow. I can’t believe it’s been six months, either. As you you can see, the beaches are still beautiful–I think it’s time you and yours took a holiday 😉

    1. Hi Eric, well, aren’t you kind this morning! I wish I had the disposable cash to purchase a truly great camera. Like cooking, you are as only as good as your pots and pans. 😉

      1. I don’t agree! Woody Allen has used the same typewriter for more than 5 decades! I have Windows 10 and I can’t write like him. You definitely know how to use a camera! 🙂

        1. Well, then. Okay! I’m going to buy that expensive camera, give up my day job, and travel the world taking pictures for National Geographic. Ha! What a lovely daydream you instigated. 🙂

  4. It’s still a dream of mine to travel to Greece one day Cindy! Great shots, love the night shot of Mykonos the most.

    Btw, I just posted my review of ARRIVAL, curious to hear what you think of it. Oh and tomorrow is Five for the Fifth, thanks again for your question 😀

      1. I actually searched The Lost Kingdom and found that it’s a game, ahah. So yeah I figured you meant The Last Kingdom. Boy that main guy is gorgeous, I should check it out even though I know it’s violent.

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