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Five Shots: Polychromatic

1. Sunday Morning Balloon Ride

On a gray, cold day, nothing beats a healthy dose of color. Here are five + 3 shots of multi-colors from recent years.

2. Milly’s Happy Day
3.. Cacti Blossoms
4. Sherbet Sky
5. Easter Eggs
6. Rainbow’s End
7. Sweet Pea
8. Brettos Bar, Athens, Greece

If your day needed cheering, I hope this helped. Which one do you like best? 

34 thoughts on “Five Shots: Polychromatic”

    1. Hi Rick, okay! Sunrises and sunsets happen every day, I know, but I can’t get over how brilliant they are in the big sky of Arizona.That 10 minute explosion in the sky instantly cheers me.


  1. I’ts been dull and grey today in England so your colourful photographs are more than welcome.
    Millie’s Happy my favourite of this selection. The innocence and wonder of childhood perfectly captured.


  2. Geez that’s a tough race. Milly’s Happy Day, Sherbert Sky and Brettos Bar. Well I always give it to sunsets so I guess it comes down to whether I’d eat that birthday cake or take a drink from that bar? Congratulations Milly, your cake won. 🙂 Who made that work of art by the way? Looks like old school birthday cake butter icing.


    1. It’s just a store-bought one. She like most all 2 year olds loved Elmo. Now at 4 she’s all about Frozen. She marches around and freezes everything wearing her cape and pretending she’s Elsa. She’s a hoot.

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