Five Shots: Snow on the Mountain

Merry Christmas! I’m rushing this. I’m squeezing a little time away from guests to share shots I took this morning of Mingus Mountain and the Verde Valley, Arizona.
Which one do you like best? dsc00018







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  1. Funny … for years I didn’t believe it snowed down there. I guess most Westerns are shot in the summer. ???
    I like that bottom one the most. Nothing like a cozy cabin when it’s cold outside.

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    1. Hi, and welcome. It’s common for many to first think of AZ as Phoenix. The state is huge with all kinds of varying topography. We are an hour south of Flagstaff, where it’s quite high in elevation. Up here it’s cooler. Anyway, thank you for commenting.


  2. Oooohh!! I LOVE snow covered branches, so these are all wonderful Cindy! I always love the day after a snowstorm in MN specifically because of the snow on the trees, it always made me feel warm and fuzzy even when it’s cold outside. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. God bless!


  3. Just impossible to choose. Each are just stunning. But if I had to pick I would choose the last one. There is something about it I couldn’t quite take my eyes off of.


    1. Hi Keith! Happy New Year and thank you for voting. It must be the house in the foreground. It creates perspective someone mentioned. Anyway, the clouds were amazing and we all appreciated the snow in our high desert valley! It’s all melted now. 😉


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