Five Shots: Jerome on Christmas


Here is the second round of photos taken on Christmas as we drove up to higher elevation and passed through the copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona. We usually get snow once a year, and it is a spectacular treat for us in NC Arizona.

1. Climbing up to Jerome
2. Trees on top
3. Four Frosted Flamingos
4. View From Jerome
5. Church Welcome
6. Winding Roads
7. Mingus Slab
8. Feels Like Heaven

Which one do you like best? 

If you missed the first Christmas set, check out SNOW ON THE MOUNTAIN.

30 thoughts on “Five Shots: Jerome on Christmas

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  1. Flamingos in Jerome? That’s hysterical, Cindy. I didn’t even know they still made those ’50’s lawn decorations anymore!! [what am I saying? my neighbor has one in her front yard!!] Good grief! 🙂


    1. I had to cross over the mountain yesterday and drove by the flamingos–all the snow is gone now and they are fully exposed. The lady who has them sitting on a fence at the bend puts them into costumes. They are wearing Santa caps and it’s really funny to drive by and wonder how she has dressed them. You just don’t expect tacky flamingos in the high desert landscape. 🙂


  2. Oooh more gorgeous Wintry shots! The last one is my fave but those flamingos covered in snow made me laugh. It’s gotta be rare to see snow where you live, whilst I’m gonna be sick of it soon, ahah.


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