Five Shots: Spring Tease

Are you tired of the dead hues of winter? Me, too. Here are five shots + two of spring with hope it cheers you up. Which one do you like best?

1. Lilacs in a Shadow
2. Sprouts on a Branch
3. A Pair of Monarchs
4. A Hairy Yellow Friend
5. An Atypical View
6. A Thirsty Hummingbird
7. Pink Lilacs

46 Comments on “Five Shots: Spring Tease

  1. Sunny and very cold here today, for a change.
    The photos are all good, and I was tempted by the butterflies. But I am sticking with the first one, Lilacs In A Shadow, as I like the out of focus background, and the soft colours.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Hiya, Pete! Thanks, mate. It’s a very English day here in AZ today. Storms from CA drifted over and it has been dreary and wet and gray for the last couple days and more days to follow.


    • Hi Tom. My favorite bush is the lilac. I love the smell and was surprised out here in NC AZ that they grow well. We have an early spring, it’s not happening yet, but soon, the lilacs will consider opening. There’s not a better fragrance in the world.


  2. Now if only I could smell those lilacs ☺Spring is my favorite time of year and fortunately it visits the desert early!


  3. #4 is my favourite. I don’t think they are Monarchs which are orange. I would say they are some type of Swallowtail. Lovely creatures anyway. As Shakespeare said.. “A rose by any other name……”

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    • Thank you, Derrick. All my British blogging-friends seem to like it; I am guessing because it’s not native to England. You have birds and flowers that seem quite foreign to me which is why I enjoy your blog.

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  4. Ahhhh… I live vicariously through your pics as it’s so damp and dreary here. Love these colors!

    P.S. I’ve decided to do a quick post about the reading, though you’ve heard it first πŸ˜‰

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  5. The daffodils are already up on Vancouver Island. They get Spring about 2 months earlier than us prairie folks.
    One month to go.


  6. Such lovely photos…hard to choose a favorite, but for me its a toss up between the first (love the details and lilac) and the hummingbird (I’m biased though because I love hummingbirds and the surrounding desert view.) Thanks for all the color…I can’t wait for spring to arrive!


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