Five Shots: Full Moon over the Sycamore Canyon

This afternoon my family and I headed out to the ridge overlooking the Sycamore Canyon. It was 80 degrees and the breeze delightful. We watched the cows roam and the full moon rise. Which one do you like best? Β 

1. Roaming Cows at the Base of the Red Rocks
2. Sycamore Canyon Facing South West
3. Til the Cows Come Home
4. Green Mound

5. Shadows Over the Canyon

6. Full Moon
7. Full Moon Rising

65 thoughts on “Five Shots: Full Moon over the Sycamore Canyon

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      1. It looks lovely – and warm. We are due for a colossal snow storm here in Pennsylvania come Monday night into Tuesday evening. Gee, just when the flowers are threatening to peek out of soil warmed from last week’s 72 degrees!


  1. Oh my god! Just… wow. I can’t pick one, they all look incredible. It again makes me realise I need to get out of the city more to take photos. Its exercise for the dog and me, I can take some snaps… its win win! I need to get my act together!


      1. Nope. All I have is my dog. The only friends I have suffer from mental health issues like I do, but none of them listen to me when I try to help them. Despite I have recovered, despite I work in community services. It is frustrating as hell, but my dog is enough is enough to go for a walk. Going to the cinemas alone does get old though!!


          1. Hehe, yup! Though I have finally stopped being a hermit πŸ™‚ I have finished my studies and am now doing work placement, working with young folk with complex needs. It is -exactly- where I want to be. So hopefully I’ll meet some new people! πŸ˜€

            It has also really made me realise how important time is, and to make the most of it, now that I’m actually busy.

            Sorry, I’m rambling. Its just nice to have someone who I know and like to kinda think aloud, if that makes sense. Sorry for the length. And thanks for the kind words, as always Cindy. \


  2. I think the last one, Full Moon Rising is my favorite. They all were set perfectly, but the last one kept my interest far longer than the rest. More pensive mood, I think.


  3. To the moon Cindy !!
    Very nice shots. Where’s the snow?
    We have a lot of those badlands here in Alberta. That’s where we find the dinosaur bones and fossils …


    1. Hi, JC. The snow line was at 5,000. Flagstaff still has snow on the ground. An hour south, where I am, I’m at 3,500. No snow. Just sunshine. πŸ™‚
      We have some dinosaur bones, too, in AZ. Probably not as many as in Alberta, though!


  4. Shot #6 (Full Moon) has “new Jeff Nichols project” written all over it. Looks like one of those movie posters for independent movies that i love. That’s a really breathtaking shot. All of them are, really.


          1. The East Coast is pretty crowded. In my experience, the prettiest and historically interesting state is Virginia. It was a privilege to live there for seven years. It’s where I’d go if I ever leave Arizona.

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