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Five Shots: Butterfly Wonderland

Growing Butterflies

I was in Phoenix today with family enjoying the 3,000 butterflies fluttering around us at Butterfly Wonderland. What did I learn? It takes three generations in the span of a year for the Monarch Butterfly to complete the great migration. It begins in the hills of Texas where butterflies feed on Milkweed. Then they produce the next generation which flies up to Toronto. The final generation senses winter is coming, so they fly south to Mexico, riding the wind, sometimes up to a mile high. They spend the winter in Mexico, billions of them. Then they return to Texas.  I apologize for not knowing the names of the species we encountered today. Here a dozen shots for you today. Which shot do you like best?

1. Attracted to Orchids
2. Sharp Shooter
3. The Hitchhiker


4. Gentle Queen
5. Sunbathing with Orange Hibiscus
6. In with the Green
7. Orange Slices
8. Fanning on Palm Leaves
9. A & W
10. Ghost
11. Blue Giant
12. Butterfly Pole



32 thoughts on “Five Shots: Butterfly Wonderland”

  1. Great post 🙂 These are such beautiful pictures of butterflies 🙂 Number 6 is amazing, but then again they all are. I am a huge fan of cinema and I love that post you did about various themes in your previous post relating to Ireland or Irish-Americans. I am new to this site, but I love what I am reading and keep up the great work 🙂

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    1. Welcome, John. I’m very happy to have your visit enjoy comments, so keep them coming! Glad you liked the L13FC post, too. Let me return the gesture and check out your site !:)


    1. It was an abbreviated recount, that’s for sure. It’s fascinating that the change of seasons can activate a creature’s compulsion to move to better grounds. Anyway, I love the creatures. They calm me down. Thanks for the vote on the butterfly pole.

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        1. Are the winds and storms severe? We are the opposite, you and I. We are coming out of winter and will be getting pretty hot soon. Phoenix was 92 yesterday. We’re up north more in the high ground, so it was only 75. Perfect.

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  2. #6 is my favourite. I really envy you the Monarch butterflies you must see from time to time, although they are apparently getting rarer and rarer. Over here I feel butterflies are dying out slowly but surely, at least in the North and Midlands. Summers are getting cooler and wetter year on year.

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    1. Hi, John. We have similar conversations. The borders to the fields are turned under, wild fields are disappearing — at least we can all plant butterfly friendly plants in our yards to help them out. The Monarch — wow, I remember as a child seeing them constantly during the summer months. Now when I see one, I consider it a gift and a good omen.

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  3. You got a lot of great shots here, Cindy. I loved the colour of the orchid, but the giant blue butterfly was my favourite. We get a lot of butterflies in out garden, but they are predominantly the ‘ordinary’ Cabbage White variety.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Hi, Pete. The butterfly house contained some lovely flowers. It helped remind me what to plant out here in the high desert. We have those White Cabbage variety, too, and yellow ones. The desert flowers are popping out like crazy because of a lot of precipitation we’ve had this winter. There’s, naturally, more butterflies to see. Thank you for the vote for the Blue Giant. He’s spectacular.

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  4. Nice photos. My daughter and I are talking about visiting and maybe do a combo of the aquarium and butterfly wonderland. We did visit the Botanical Garden last Sunday and they have a butterfly display as well which was nice, but I’m sure smaller.


  5. I visited a Butterfly Sanctuary, in Kuranda, Australia, back in 2008!! I remember seeing this beautiful blue butterfly named Papilio Ulysses (a.k.a. Ulysses Blue)!! But it’s flutters so fast, it was impossible photograph clearly. Unlike the others I snapped, most of the pictures of the Ulysses Blue, look like a flash of blue (it’s never still)
    From this lot, I like no. 4 – Gentle Queen!! The wings look like a soft veil, with a watery ‘Tye and Dye’ effect, and truly gentle!! 🙂

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