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Five Shots: More Butterlies

Farming Butterflies

Who knew farming butterflies and observing their cycle intimately in a Butterfly House could be a therapeutic experience? Quite a few of you enjoyed yesterday’s butterfly post. I pulled a few more shots to share. Which one do you prefer the most?

1. Yellow Eyes
2. Green Glory
3. Ebony and Ivory
4. Mammoth Moth on Palm Leaves
5. Black Beauty
6. Here’s looking at you!
7. A Pair of Beauties

27 thoughts on “Five Shots: More Butterlies”

  1. #3 photo = #1 of the butterflies. I read once that the Ancient Greeks observed the cycle of ugly caterpillar, apparently dead chrysalis and then beautiful butterfly. It gave them the idea that we all have a soul which will eventually emerge and then fly off to heaven or wherever.


  2. “Ebony and ivory” as well as “2 beauties.” There are my favorites! Thanks for sharing, Cindy.
    Maybe you’ll sneak over to see my hot pink flowers with a black and blue butterfly. I went to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. 🙂 It won’t be till late March or April. Don’t worry, you found your Zen and peace.funny I wrote poetic expression about breathing in and breathing out! Pre-scheduled already before visiting. . . 🙂

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