Back in a few months, I promise.

My Dear Friends,

You know I’ve been working on my second manuscript “Inside the Gold Plated Pistol” and it’s going great. I told you earlier I was backing off from posting to allow more time to devote to creative writing. I threw in photo posts because, well, they’re fast and easy to do. I’ve been trying to keep up with your blogs, commenting when I can. Then I added a Lucky 13 Film Club post, and now I’ve found really cool information about the Weimar Republic as well as Chicago in the late 1920s. Naturally, I thought of making a post and sharing it. I’ve seen a slew of movies and thought about writing a post about several films that have held my attention, but I’ve refrained. In other words, I think about blogging all the time.

Herein lies my problem. I’ve gone and said a couple of times that I’m taking a hiatus. Step by step, I’m lured back to blogging. So the novel gets neglected, and I feel like an albatross is around my neck. Then I go through an emotional see-saw–should I bother writing the novel? Should I just focus on blogging? The vacillation is the best problem I could have. The solution is bittersweet, however. I’m going to sign off completely from blogging until the first draft of theย manuscript is completed and sent off to the editors. I simply cannot juggle one or the other well. I think it’s called growing older. If you have planned an upcoming Lucky 13 Film Club event with me, hold on to that thought! I’m hoping by summer I’ll be back and ready to blog with you all.

Love & Friendship,


61 thoughts on “Back in a few months, I promise.”

  1. As much as I genuinely regret your absences from blogging, I equally enjoy the writing on your exciting new novel. Thanks for letting us know that you will not be around. It saves a lot of worry.
    Happy writing, my dear blogging friend. (And ‘normal’ friend too, I hope!)
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

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  2. Yes! Onwards and upwards, Cindy!

    I wish you all the best pursuing the craft. I had a similar dilemma earlier, but chased dreams instead. I think you will find it is all worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, you can return for a blog post whenever you like.

    If you ever want another pair of eyes on your book, let me know. I’m really busy at ‘the office’ lately (actually, I’m adapting an interesting feature about a black samurai from history for a best-selling Amazon author), but I’d definitely look over the first chapter at least. It may help with the revision process.

    Take care, Cindy. Keep us posted and maybe tease us with some samples too. I know I’m not the only one that is curious.


  3. Cindy, I’m going to be a little selfish here by saying that I’m excited you are writing another book! I can’t wait to buy it and read it, and I’m sure, enjoy it! I wish you well, Cindy. Just remember to take good care of yourself through the process!


  4. I hope you are well, rested and writing, Cindy! Enjoy the break and thanks for visiting in the last few weeks. My work is usually all calmed down in winter. We took on stores from Indiana and Connecticut. So, my time is stretched and sorry I am belated. . .


  5. I fully understand. Not to worry about your friends in old Blogsville here – once you tend to priorities, we’ll be here waiting for you! Best of luck to you (but with your knowledge and talent, I doubt highly that you need luck!)

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  6. Your corner of the internet will be lesser for it but I would always choose the novel over the blogging. We will miss you and you’ll be back soon enough and with work on the manuscript done. Look forward to hearing from you soon and best of luck with your writing.


  7. Good luck with the book Cindy!! Don’t stop working on it, for the sake of the Blog!!
    I know what you mean, there is so much I’d like to Blog about; but don’t get around to doing so, myself.
    No harm in taking break!! Finish your book, your Blog, and fellow followers, shall still be here!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    All the best !!!!

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  8. I get it. The creative process is a demanding one. Writing takes time. We’ll miss your posts, but happy to know you’re doing something that makes you happy. Good luck in your future endeavor!

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  9. Some people can work in disrupted worlds, but others need solitude and distraction-free concentration. My biggest writing effort was the PhD. After four years of research I shut down everything I could, took six months off work and most of my social life except family, and wrote without interruption. I couldnt stop the flow because that was all I allowed into my world. It worked a treat and the full draft was ready on time. 100,000 words! The following year was only editing before submission and eventually publication as a text. The moral of the story is you are doing whats best for your next big creative output. So dont apologise. We understand, and wish you boundless creativity and productive writing. cheers

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    1. Thank you, Richard. We share a similar strategy. I’m getting a lot done. But as you say, I can only do it if I concentrate and dive into that world. When I resurface, I look forward to blogging with you. Cheers, friend.

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  10. Hello there Cindy, best of luck on your manuscript!

    I’ve pretty much stopped blogging as well apart from posting guest reviewsโ€ฆ though I couldn’t help posting a quick update for my short film today. Just 15 days away until filming begins!! ๐Ÿ˜€


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