Five Shots: Cacti Are Blooming

With lots of rainfall over the winter, Arizona is experiencing a grand blossoming. I love it when the cacti bloom. The contrast between the prickly texture of the paddles against the soft, yet obscene blossoms make this time of year a treat. Here are some of my favorite shots. Which one do you like best?

1.White Queen Blossom
2. Quite the handful
3. Green Nubs
4. Fuschia and Yellow
5. Yellow Paddle in the Sun
6. Sherbert Tips
7. Pink Tips on Green Paddle
8. Three Ladies
9. Cluster In Front of Gray Skies

50 Comments on “Five Shots: Cacti Are Blooming

  1. I never imagined cacti could be so beautiful. Fuschia and Yellow is my favourite of this bunch.


  2. Because I cannot ever see a cactus like these, let alone one in bloom, (unless I fly to somewhere that they grow) I love them all. I remember choosing cactus shots from your previous selections. If I lived where you do, I think I would have them in my garden!
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Yes, you are apt to select the cacti shots. Fine by me! No one would bother them, that’s for sure. They are amazing creatures. The paddle (Nopales) ones have a “prickly pear” juice that has kept many cowboys and Indians alive when alone in the desert. We have rock gardens, very few of us have grass. (Imagine never having to mow!) So the cacti along the border lines or showcasing the front yard are conversation starters, especially during the blooming season. They grow to a huge size, too. The size of bushes and some like a tree. I’m glad you liked them, Pete.

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  3. Rain in the desert, what will Mother Nature come up with next?! 🙂 She does know how to create beauty, eh?!!


    • Aren’t they something, GP? Jaw dropping, up close. You’d never think such beauty existed inside the inhospitable exterior until the colors pop out like a magic trick.

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      • I know what you mean, I’ve been meaning to get some cacti for my area – would work better in the heat than some of my plants.


        • The heat they’d love, I wonder if you have too much moisture in Florida? You should plant one and see what happens. The prickly thorns will deter anyone from entering a yard!

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  4. It has been a spectacular visual feast for everyone in the western US thanks to the crazy rain we had this winter…we drove out to the poppy fields and it is a sea of color….good to hear from you!

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  5. Lovely pictures of Cacti flowering, the yellow paddle in the sun is especially nice, but they all have such striking colors that make them stand out 🙂


  6. Full many a blossom was born to blush unseen and waste it’s sweet breath upon the desert air: Thomas Grey
    Thanks Cindy for sharing this beautiful, but quickly over, desert event.


    • Hi Abbi. Thank you! I swear I didn’t touch a one, but I’ve been pulling out needles that somehow attached themselves to me. I look like I’ve had acupuncture. The yellow one was bright in the setting sun. I liked the polka dots clustered on the paddles. That was a bush about five feet tall.


  7. I liked the three ladies and the sherbet tips, Cindy! You were most kind to share these stunning cacti flowers with us. Smiles, Robin xo


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