Five Shots: Perkinsville Road

I can’t rave enough the day trip experience riding out on Perkinsville Road which begins at Jerome, AZ and eventually connects to the overland trail/road at Kaibab Forest and comes out at a splendorous spot, Garland Prairie, west of Flagstaff. Dislike crowds and congestion? When you come to visit Arizona, try this road trip for an authentic cowboy experience that would make Zane Grey proud. Which is your favorite picture?

1. The crowd is in Jerome. Two minutes past the mining town, the road cuts away into the wilderness.
2. A faraway fire makes for a cloudy day. Looking back at Jerome and the Verde Valley.
3. Facing Chino Valley and heading to the back side of Sycamore Canyon Wilderness.
4. Tall Sentry plant. Surely Dr. Seuss was inspired by these giants?
5. Plate-sized sentry blossoms
6. White Desert Poppy
7. Juniper foreground to Sycamore Canyon cliffs
8. I can see for miles.
9. Desert Black and White Cow
10. Tiger Striped Milker
11. Entering Kaibab National Forest
12. JD Dam
13. Out of the pines into Garland Prairie. The San Francisco Peaks are in the distance.
14. Old cabin in the prairie.
15. Clouds over the San Francisco Peaks
16. Dirt Road to Interstate 40 (Route 66) which runs across the country for over 2,000 miles.
17. A fine Saturday drive. Back downtown to the Verde Valley, an hour south of Flagstaff.



36 thoughts on “Five Shots: Perkinsville Road

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  1. Haha you always ask which is our favourite photo and I never can choose as they are all so good! However Have a thing for cows, so if I am very enamoured of the tiger stripe milker 🙂


  2. Looks like a fun drive. We’re spending the summer in Prescott Valley and just may have to try this road. I’m always taking cow pics myself 😄


  3. I recall the relief after travelling across from LA through a hot dry desert landscape to come into Flagstaff. What a difference! Some lovely shots there, you must enjoy those spectacular views.


    1. The air quality was poor, but I tried to cut through the smoke and sunny haze. I have lived most all my life in the northern hemisphere where green grass and humidity and temperamental seasons were the norm. Now I’ve grown quite fond of the space and dry heat and sunny days most of the year. I never tire of the views. Thanks, Ian.

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  4. Love all that. Hope to have a bite up in Jerome again one day. Rose wants to go back to Sedona at some point.
    I could live in Arizona – once I adjust to the heat!


  5. I’m going to choose 15. Clouds over the San Francisco Peaks. I’ve been to Jerome, AZ twice, but always out of Sedona, and then back to Sedona. So I have not taken this particular road trip. It looks like a nice one.


  6. I enjoyed the entire trip, but especially the old barn…abandoned buildings like this fascinate me, especially as they will remain there until someone, or something, comes along to take its place – great to see you posting again!


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