Five Shots: Where Am I ?

I’ve just returned from traveling with students and new friends. Here are clues for my traveling blogosphere buddies. Can you place me in the right country? Give yourself a point.  Another for guessing the city. Award yourself a final point if you can guess the famous location/building.




Which shot would you jump into? How many points did you get?

62 Comments on “Five Shots: Where Am I ?

  1. Hi Cindy, lovely photos! La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona! I hope you and your students enjoyed your trip.

    • Hola Rafael! You got it.Gaudí is all over the city and I really enjoyed learning and seeing his works. He was ahead of his time.

  2. Welcome back. I don’t think I got any points. Spain? Italy? Dubai? Look forward to hearing more about your trip.

    • Hi Paul, you are correct. I had vaguely heard of Goudi and his famous cathedral, but I was unprepared for the beauty of his buildings throughout the city. One evening we were walking back to the hotel and noticed his style on the facade. Turns out it was a random restaurant/hotel. The gentleman let us walk inside and marvel at the lobby and the elevator. His stamp is everywhere.

    • It is where the term “gaudy” comes from. The Park Güell full of tiles and soft curves was a dreamy spot. The Sagrada Família Basilica was out of a Tolkien, elven world.

    • Rick, you picked a fine spot for a honeymoon! Wherever I walked, I felt like I was in Paris. Add the sea and if you asked which place I’d revisit, I’d pick Barcelona.

  3. Bit too easy on this occasion, Cindy. Barcelona is one of my favourite places, and Parc Guell is a delight. Having a beach at the end of the main shopping street is pretty funky too. Did you get up to Tibidabo, I wonder?
    Good to see you back. You have been missed.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

    • Hi, my friend. Barcelona is a popular spot for many Europeans. I had no doubt you had been there before. So for me, it was a destination I’d long been hearing about but had not the opportunity to visit. We had a fab time, and I’ll inundate you with more pictures in the next week. We were considering Tibidabo and Montserrat on our free day, but since we live in the desert, we all craved to soak ourselves in the blue, Mediterranean Sea. Thank you for missing me. x

      • I have only been there twice, but it is one of the few places outside of the UK that I could imagine living in. Tapas on the square in Placa Reial, wandering along to the beach on warm evenings. It has a lot going for it.

          • It was busy, for sure, but I did my best to look up and ignore the people. What was worse was the Park Güell. I’m glad I went and I sure appreciate Goudi’s mosaic designs and curves, but it was annoying how crowded it was. They allow 400 a half hour in. I am not a fan of crowds, but I believe you have to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while or you’d never see anything of great value.

        • Tapas are fun. I love fresh calamari. We bought a variety and shared. The best way to eat! I would be more than happy to return there for I only scratched the surface.

  4. The architecture that that first building in particular screams Barcelona and that’s really all I got. Always wanted to go to Spain in general. Love the pictures! 🙂

    • Hi Kim! Yes. Barcelona is correct. I had never been before; it was a magical place. Swimming in the sea and admiring Goudi architecture.

    • I was hoping you would stop by, John. I remember your posts about Spain and knew you loved it. Didn’t you feel like you were in a Tolkien Elven castle? What a place! Thanks for sharing the link. I will check it out.

        • Oh, wow. I bet in October and April it would be pure heaven. If I had a choice between Paris or Barcelona, I’d pick Barcelona.

        • I know what you mean, but Barcelona is easy from the UK. It’s simple to get around and to find your way about, and you can point the camera at almost everything you see, including the markets, as well as the Gaudi stuff. Plus go just out of season, and it’s not so crowded. (Or so hot!) x

    • Thanks, Fraggle. The Med was a true treat. I assume you have been to Barcelona? What did you like? I felt like I was in Paris. The streets, the cafes, the romantic vibe.

  5. Some really beautiful shots there. I hope it wasn’t too hot for you. Spain is gradually getting hotter and hotter in recent years.

  6. i got stuck looking at that food there … looks really good!
    I thot you were in Paris for a sec, but it didn’t add up with the other pics. But other people got it.
    Don’t figure I’ll get to Europe in this lifetime. I was in England as a kid though.
    And I hope there’s an elevator in that building with staircase …

    • The whole time I was in Barcelona, I felt like I was in Paris. The flowered, treed blvd, the intricate facades of the buildings, the cafes–add some palm trees for exotic interest and the Med–wow, it’s a great spot.

    • Andrew, I remember vividly your posts and love affair with Spain. I was told I’d love Granada but will add Girona to the list. I sure hope I can return one day and add Portugal to the agenda. It was a beautiful introduction to a cool country.

  7. I came by to start where I left off, Cindy. Apparently my response about my 1974, spring break Spanish Club tour didn’t go through. Hmm. . .
    My Spanish Club and my Mom’s HS Spanish Club went together to Mexico in 1973, then Spain the next year.
    We did see Valencia, Madrid, Mallorca (cruise for a day) and Barcelona. Your photos are spectacular! Thank you for sharing them. My Mom has slides, my brother Randy and I only have a few pictures, silly ones from the group on the plane and in the Plaza in Madrid. 🙂 We ate our lunches and breakfasts in “universities” while we visited, the students went home. We were nosy and looked but we didnt take anything. We sold our Levi’s to buy Lladros!! I took home two.

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