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Five Shots: Food in Madrid

Famous market in Madrid for fresh foods, wines, and exotic fish.
1. Cherries
2. Green Olives
3. I don’t know. You tell me.
4. Mozzarella balls
5. Spaniards love their ham.
6. Jamón ibérico. In Italy it is called prosciutto.
7. A typical lunch
9. Red Prawns and Sardines
10. Swordfish
12. Olive delight
13. cheese and peppers

The colors and sights and sounds of the crowded market was a highlight of visiting Madrid.

27 thoughts on “Five Shots: Food in Madrid”

    1. Why I’m drawn to photographing fish, I don’t know, but their shine and shapes and eyes are interesting and macabre. Truth be told, there are only a few varieties I like to eat.


  1. As I stayed in universities who rented us rooms to stay in, provided traditional college meals, big bowls, sharing bread and eating salads, soups, and the Spanish stew, spicy and delicious with three meats. . . I think if it has fish included, it is “paella.” 🙂
    We had dinners in a “Grotto” and hotels, and local restaurants.


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