Five Shots: Plateau Sunset

1. Campfire at the edge

The plateau at the edge of the Sycamore Canyon, Arizona is a ridge line with a 360 view. The Northeastern view is comprised of the outlying Red Rocks bordering Sedona. Looking Southwest, the sun sets over Mingus Mountain. It has become over recent years a favorite spot for us to relax and star gaze without light pollution or crowds. Last night our family went out on the plateau to catch the meteor shower. We weren’t disappointed. Before the light show, the clouds entertained us. Here are some shots from last night.

2. Sea Horses
3. Rainbow Fingers
4. Big Sky
5. Vista to the Red Rocks
6. Yellow Glow

Which one do you like best?

37 thoughts on “Five Shots: Plateau Sunset

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    1. Hiya, John. Thanks. I thought so, too. They shimmered across the sky in front of corals and gold. I love when I look at the sky and feel like I am looking at a harbor or I am out to sea.

  1. Beautiful! We decided to have lunch in Jerome yesterday and on the way from Prescott Valley stopped at Mingus Lake and checked out the campground. Oh my gosh – the views! So worth pulling the RV up 2 miles of gravel road sometime in the future.

    1. That’s a hefty climb, indeed. It was great to watch the meteor shower after it got dark. We saw approximately 20. But after 10 pm I suspect more came out. We are lucky to be in a beautiful part of the world! Thanks, Ingrid.

  2. All full of atmosphere, but I really like the campfire shot. I can feel the heat!
    It is too cloudy here to see the meteor shower, unfortunately. I hope it was good!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Hi Pete. Yes, indeed. Long tails and short bursts. The Milky Way was a runner on a black table. It’s the only time I can see her in her glory. I am itching to get up to Utah or Colorado this fall when the air is crisp to see more of her. Anyway, it was a spectacular evening. Thank you!

  3. Ugh these are all just gorgeous. Paintings. If I HAVE to pick a fave, it might be Rainbow Fingers. Just because that’s a perfect caption. Lovely stuff Cindy.

  4. It’s #5 for me. I saw two or three meteors last night (Saturday…maybe 2pm in Arizona). They had to be bright to beat the city’s lights. I bet it was very dark indeed out in Sycamore Canyon!

  5. Hello Cindy! Just dropping by to say hello and admire your beautiful pictures! Hope you are well. Miss blogging but there’s just not enough time in a day to do everything. Glad you’re still blogging, I’m hoping to post a review of a film I’ve been hugely anticipating, so stay tuned 🙂

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