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Five Shots: Colorado Aspens

These pictures were taken today and tomorrow of 2015. We were hoping to return to South Central Colorado for fall break, but it didn’t work out. A revisit through the photo album will have to suffice. Which one do you like best?

1. Gold Framing
2. Black and Gold
3. The Hills Are Alive
4. Inside the Aspen Grove
5. Fall Drive
6. Trout Lake, outside of Telluride
7. Colorado Pines
8. Granite Face
9. At the edge of Trout Lake
10. Aspen Buddies
11. Looking up
12. Feels like you are in the Alps

We were fortunate the weather was perfect. Capturing a perfect day locks in the memory and lessens the sting of a humdrum day.

49 thoughts on “Five Shots: Colorado Aspens”

    1. When I was a girl, I used to doodle and draw scenes. Repeatedly I would draw a lake with a mountain behind it and rolling hills in front with trees. When I saw Trout Lake for the first time, I was taken back. It was exactly out of my imagination.

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          1. A lot of people go to the Rockies and Toronto and skip Eastern Canada, I have been all over Canada and I think the East is so beautiful, but tourist have to drive as it is not accessible,


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