Five Shots: Buttes, Valleys, and Canyons

Do you like space? Jim, Bear, and I crossed the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States, commonly called the Four Corners (Utah, AZ, Colorado, New Mexico). Its vastness is scary at times and the closest I’ll get to the surface of Mars. It is a holy ground, the center of the Universe to several Native American tribes like the Navajo and Hopi and the Ute. Up to Colorado, here are shots showcasing the space and grandeur of the Southwest.

1. Monument Valley Butte
2. Dwarfed Telephone Poles
3. Mexican Hat Vista
4. Switchback to Mexican Hat
5. Focusing on a Solitary Butte
6. Sunrise at Six
7.Β  6:30am
8. Java at Seven
9. Lonely treeΒ talks to a Seamonster
10. A Little Canyon
11. Durango to the Rockies

Which one did you like the best?

Here’s a map of our journey heading North from highway 89 to 160 to 145:


44 Comments on “Five Shots: Buttes, Valleys, and Canyons

  1. #9. Oh my, what a perfect caption! That’s great.

    Also digging the bleeding colors of #6 and #7. I’m a sucker for sunrise photos.

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    • Hi there, Keith. Thank you for the vote. The fog turned the desert valley into a sea. That little crag poked his face out of the water and in all that space, a single tree leaned toward it as if to have a conversation. I’m glad you appreciated the sea story in the desert, too.

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  2. You travel to such beautiful country. I haven’t been there for 50 years, but I still remember chilly morning sunrises and the smell of the heat during the day. I envy your opportunities.


    • Alan, you remember correctly. It’s just a drive away. I hope to visit more state parks while I live out here. I have to remind myself of the gorgeous scenery in my backyard. (I have a tendency to plan for a trip on the other side of my world.)


  3. #4 is good for the absence of scale. I thought that the winding road was one of those wide enough for just one car, but the tiny, tiny car I finally noticed tells the true story!


    • Aha! Good eyes. Yes, those were big pickup trucks winding up the road, but they still look like Minis. It’s hard to fathom the spaciousness out here.


    • Welcome, Erin. I appreciate your support. The series started out with showcasing an outing with only five shots, but that turned impossible. I am glad you like the photos. Come back, soon. πŸ™‚


  4. Arizona and New Mexico. I can remember the wonder I experienced going through that country. It was blistering hot and our air conditioner was out so we had bags of ice we held up near our nose to try and keep some semblance of cool in the car. There is a certain majesty in the desert isn’t there? At one stage as a stranger passing through and searching on the radio bands all we could get was Spanish and wondered if by some amazing chance we’d diverted into Mexico? lol Keep sharing your amazing photos.


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  6. Wow!! Amazing pictures Cindy, as always. But I must say, the 2nd pix caught my attention (Dwarfed Telephone Poles). The Rock formation looks like ancient sculptures, carved into Rocks (like of Egyptian Pharoh’s).


  7. I loved all your vistas and will say my favorites are #5 and #7. The conversation between a lonely tree and seamonster was a sweet caption, Cindy.


  8. lol keep back communion your awe-inspiring photos.

    Absolutely arresting shots and scenery, I can never prefer just one!


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