Sick and Tired

Remember a little while back I complained of a pain in my abdomen, and I went to the Emergency Room because the pain became unbearable? That was over three weeks ago. Alas, my affliction has not resolved. I haven’t been able to think let alone write a post. It takes all my energy getting through the work day. I come home and collapse. What is wrong, you ask?

My gallbladder should be working at a “35” but it’s at a “13”. In this case, not my lucky number at all. So with a dysfunctional gallbladder, any food I eat, there is a pain involved. The amount is important, too. Large amounts of anything are killers. Even on a bland diet, after a few bites, I feel bloated and heavy like I’ve feasted on a holiday meal.

In addition, I have mutant, alien bloodsucking cysts (melodramatic, moi?) which have attached themselves to my liver and have grown to the size of baseballs. (Yes, baseballs.) This makes me feel pregnant and the pain when they are prodded or they bleed is excruciating.

My stomach growls from hunger, and I have abnormal levels of gas which churns. The good news is I have lost 15 pounds since Jan 3. On Monday, I meet with the gastro specialist who, I presume, will tell me it’s time for surgery. Then, I hope the surgeon will fit me in earlier than later.

I miss posting and being diligent about reading your posts. Just thought I’d give you a head’s up why I’ve been away. It could be a couple more weeks before I’m back to normal, and no longer living out the sci-fi scene in my imagination.  😉

72 thoughts on “Sick and Tired”

      1. Yes, been feeling a bit better this week. I’m getting there slowly. This chest infection has sapped all my energy, so just being following Dr’s orders and getting plenty of rest.


  1. Don’t you worry about us, Cindy, we’ll all be here when you get back – we just want to have our sweet, healthy Cindy back again. Take care of yourself!!


  2. thank you for the update cindy. i had the feeling it might be related to your gall bladder, but was hoping it was simply gllstones that could be easily removed. bad as things must be now for you, i am relieved it is not something more serious, and that you should be a newly restored person is short order.


    1. I thank you, Bill. Gallstones would have been easier. I’ll be okay. This is all an inconvenient, uncomfortable nuisance. I’ve been watching a lot of movies, just can’t find the energy to write about them. Soon.

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  3. Having watched my wife suffer with gall bladder for years until it had to be relieved by surgery I understand to level of pain you are talking about. At that stage you can’t live without the gall bladder and you can’t live with it when it comes to pain. I hope you can resolve this. The other liver issue is another matter. I hope you have good medical care where you are.


  4. Please take it easy, Cindy, until you are feeling well again, which I hope is very soon. I and the rest of your blog fans will be waiting for your new postings. You won’t go out of our thoughts.
    I have not been feeling up to writing and I just reposted some past blogs. Although I should have a few new ones ready soon.


  5. Here’s hoping to an immediate and successful surgery. Your community will be here waiting for you when you are able to return. In the meantime, stay safe, prioritise correctly and remember we’re thinking of you. Thank you for the update Cindy. Regards Lloyd

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  6. Prayers for you Cindy and I wish you a speedy recovery. My wife had similar gallbladder issues which led to her having it removed. Please give us an update whenever you get a chance.

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  7. I was very sorry to hear of this upsetting and strange attacks on both gall bladder and those cysts sound terrifying. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Cindy.
    I came by to tell you I enjoyed “The Shape of Water” and “Three Billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri.” They had gruesome scenes but there were parts which warmed my heart and made me feel how the main female characters felt. Sally Hawkins and Frances MacDormand were great.
    Sending you peace of mind and much better health once surgery is passed. 🕊 ❤


  8. Cindy, I am looking forward to hearing that everything went well with the surgury and you are now comfortably recuperating from a nightmare that has mercifully ended with a happy resolution.


    1. I had two bleeding cysts the size of baseballs. They discovered a cyst in the fold of the liver and drew two litres of fluid! No wonder I felt pregnant. Last night was horrible. Today is better. Just need a couple days to catch my breath.
      Thank you for caring.


  9. I wrote a comment so cane back to see if you found it, Cindy! Glad it is published, as some of our comments (on other people’s posts) get sent to awaiting approval “dungeon!”
    Just hope you saw my get well wishes, dear Cindy. 😀
    Hope this gets all sorted out!💮🌸💮


  10. Oh, and finally saw Sally Hawkins in “Maudie,” which was an excellent, true story. She did beautiful job of portraying an artist who was disabled, while Ethan Hawke was superb as a backwards, simple country farmer who eventually loves and adores Maudie. The black and white film of the interview of real Maud was so heartwarming. ❤️


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