Five Shots: Spring for You

These are March photos I pulled from my gallery with the purpose of brightening up your wintery day. Hang on, Spring’s around the bend! 

1. Sprouts
2. A lover of lilac
3. The promise of leaves
4. Potted pansies
5. Trees turning green
6. Crown
7. Burst of yellow
8. Cacti blossoms
9. Cacti Blossoms II
10. Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Which shot do you like best? 

51 Comments on “Five Shots: Spring for You

  1. First: I hope you are feeling better.
    Second: Thanks for up the winter for me. Although here in Minnesota spring is still a long way off. The butterfly and the lilac actually brought back the fragrance of the lilac, At one time before my knees went bad, I had over 100 rose bushes around the place, so the burst of yellow brought back a lot of fond memories. And then there is the pansies, the first flowers we can plant in the spring up here. I love them. And I can never understand why the word pansy is used to denote weakness. They are the toughest flowers around. Thanks again, Cindy and I hope you are feeling alright.


  2. What an encouraging time of the year Spring is. However it remind me that on the other end of the earth we are on the slow count down to winter ourselves. lol. Already I can feel the beginnings of an early chill on my daybreak walks.


  3. The beautiful hummingbird and butterfly are creatures which won’t be seen until June here in Ohio! You’re so lucky! xo 💐💕
    ps. There were belated well wishes for you that were missed back when I you had your cysts and gall bladder low functioning level. I was concerned and hoping you are much better, Cindy! 💗


  4. Wow. I love the buds bursting on the branch – the detail of the leaf and flower parts. Also the cactus flowers, which we don’t have in the U.K. Nor hummingbirds, which are just stunning.


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