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Dear Friends,

I am finally home from the hospital and happy to announce the worst is over, and I’m much better now. Livers are fascinating organs. What happened? The random cysts on mine started to bleed. One cyst was the size of a volleyball. 2 liters of fluid tapped and drained, bile leaks, bile from my belly button, a stent in the bile duct, drains out of me, vomiting, vomiting, vomiting. No foods or liquids other than an IV for five weeks. That’s it.

The whole nightmare lasted for two months. The silver lining was the loss of 40 pounds. I hardly recognize myself. I am looking forward to losing that sunken look in my eyes. I feel bones instead of fat. None of my clothes fit me. I feel younger. Time for walks and build up of strength.

Thank you for your concerned comments. I’m hoping to get on the computer now and writing posts and reading yours!

Friendship & Love,


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  1. So lovely to hear that you are well, and on the road to recovery. Losing that weight may be the only plus side of an awful experience, but it gives you something to work with; that youthful feeling, and a desire to get started again.
    Love and best wishes as always, Pete. xx


  2. You poor thing. I’m glad your passed this, Cindy. Geez. Looking forward to yr words on these cyber-pages. g.r.


  3. The problem with my starting past comments reviewing and working forward is now I am relieved.
    Oh, so happy you are much better but sounds like you went to heck and back!! How horrible. . .
    Sorry on your gorgeous natural March wonders blog I asked about your health. Also, mentioned that I had stopped by in a rather timely manner back a month or so ago. . .


      1. I’m well but really felt bad that you had such a long ordeal and such a lot to drain out of you. . . My Dad was 65 when he had been attacked by a swarm of hornets, while up on the roof of my parents’ lake house. He was readjusting the wire mesh over the fireplace. The hospital said there were 2 liters of “infection,” bacteria and build up of fluids. He was fine but it did take a lit of his energy to rebuild his strength. Be safe and take care, Cindy! ✌️


          1. Well, he was in his sixties when he got cancer after this episode. That was quick, so it is okay and over. Of course, I miss him always. He did smoke and worked around nuclear energy, Cindy. Mom’s been missing him these past 15 years. Pain does suck!

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  4. That’s great news Cindy. Happy to hear it all went well thought it sounds like quite a couple of months. Looking forward to hearing more good news from your neck of the woods.


  5. I am very happy that you are out and hopefully recovering. I can see it was indeed an horrific experience.

    I apologize if I offended recently with a recent post I made. It was intended to lift you and offer good will.

    Take Care.


  6. Hospital stays are never pleasant, Cindy.

    Spent two weeks at Inova Campus last year for high blood pressure. No operations but a lots of juggling doses and trying to get a consensus of five doctors to cut me loose.

    Than back three days later for a pressure spike and 5 gallons of Go-Lightly solution which evacuates the upper, lower intestines and bowel for a colonoscopy that never happened. Still lost twenty pounds over all and have developed a weird susceptibility to cold.

    Pace yourself when walking. Start low and slow and build up cautiously while getting used to your new weight profile.


  7. No human being should have to go through that torture you’ve endured. We’ve missed your contributions to our web enjoyment and trust you will soon be well enough to share your pictures and presentations again. You have been missed.


    1. Hi Ian. I wouldn’t wish what I went through to my worst enemy, but as they say, it could always be worse. The scariest part was the orange bile running out of my belly button. Quite alarming. I hope to write a post today, Not sure yet what it will be about. Thank you for the good wishes.

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  8. It was quite a relief when you popped up on my blog earlier tonight. I had been wondering how you were, it does sound like you’ve been through quite an ordeal. Fingers crossed it’s all behind you now!

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