Are you not entertained? A Book and a Movie

Try this pair for satisfying entertainment.  


Helene Wecker‘s debut novel is unique. Her protagonists are mythological creatures existing in New York City at the turn of the twentieth century. She weaves the cultural history of Jews (the Golem) and the Arabian Bedouin (the Jinni) and balances the history of the mythology with the vibrancy of the Jewish neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. Part immigrant story and part love story, the Jinni is made from fire and the Golem from earth. They keep their special powers hidden because they want to fit in the human world. That Wecker manages to extend disbelief and you come to care for the Golem and Jinni in their chaotic urban world is a testament to her talent. Gracefully written, it is a fun read, a real page-turner and highly recommended. 4.5/5 


Wes Anderson‘s stop-animated film is a visual treat with his trademark symmetrical staging and vibrant color schemes. Even the garbage dump island is strangely pretty with perfectly positioned garbage and rats dancing across the stage in unison. Dog and human eyes gloss over and drip throughout the film which became an unexpected detail that created empathy. Close-ups and deadpan expressions are delightful, and the voiceovers by an impressive cast are enjoyable to listen to. Wes Anderson’s production is so mesmerizing, it is easy not to notice that the plot grows tame and the ending all too prettily wrapped up with a bow with an unlikely white savior — a geeky girl from Ohio. Lots of Asian stereotypes in this film. For me, Anderson’s a magician whose sleight of hand seduces. 4/5.

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  1. Anderson’s film has gotten great reviews and is doing very strong business at movie theaters – which is important, because otherwise we have to live with nothing but super hero films and low budget horror of varying success – as for the book, I love a mix of history and fantasy, gives it grounding! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Look Pete I get it with Pixar and comic book movies. They’re popular but you’re hurting your cool older guy street cred with not liking Anderson. You sure you not confusing him with Paul W. Anderson? 😛

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        1. The last line Billy Murray on a small motorcycle in the background of a shot just cracked me up. I enjoy Honest Trailers and regularly check out their panel show Screen Junkies Universe but this was for me one of their better efforts in recent times.

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