So sorry I’ve been away from blogging, but I’ve been, and still am, in the thick of entertaining family and friends who flew in for my wedding last Saturday, April 28. Jim and I celebrated ourย vows on the “Love Train”. The Verde Canyon Railroad went out into the Sycamore Canyon. It’s a unique way to celebrate a reception. We had a private car and observation deck. These are just a few pictures from the day. Notice my beautiful granddaughters as flower girls, my sister for whom I rarely see, and the beautiful Sycamore Canyon. I have been divorced for well over 25 years. It’s a dream come true to be claimed by my gentle Jim who takes good care of me. As soon as the dust settles and the guests depart, I’ll be back to visit your blogs and post more of my own.

Want to know more about the Verde Canyon Railroad? Check out their site:

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  1. What a great idea to use that train. Something special indeed. You are a beautiful bride, Cindy, and I am very happy for you and Jim. Congratulations from your English friend.
    Pete. x

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    1. Paul, es tut mir leid! I really wanted to contribute to Ms. Pfeiffer’s birthday bash on your site, but I didn’t have a moment to spare. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I did watch ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ a couple weeks ago and Michelle had a sizable part. I was going to feature that. She in her older years. She’s still beautiful although in the film she had some harsh lipstick and close-ups and betrayed her age. I do believe she’s natural and wonderful and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

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    1. It was a quick grab of pics for the post.
      The photographer needs time to edit and come up with the official shots. I feel bad when I can’t blog like I want to and visit all my friends’ posts.

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      1. No, I hate it. But a lot of that has less to do with Peru than living with my monster in law. Loved the year we spent on the bech in Ilo, though.
        Hope to be back in USA in 2019. There is no future here for my daugter, and I have to get back to where I can make some money .


        1. Well, sorry to hear about your present woes. I hope the transition goes well. Your wife is a doctor, yes? That should help. Your daughter will get an education and have possibilities. Back to Boston? Seattle? Somewhere completely different?
          To me, it sounds like a new adventure. A chance for reinvention.


          1. she is a doctor here, but will have to study two years in the US just to become a nurse. her level of education in peru counts for nothing in the states. posssibilities for the move are vuffalo, new york, where a friend is editor of the daily paper, and will hire me. or austin texas, where i know i number of successful musicians and can get work in the clubs, seattle is a possiblility as there is a inexpensive community college where she could get her nursing degree. or maybe san diego, where i have family.


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