Five Shots: West Fork Trail, Sedona

One advantage of family and friends staying with us for vacation is revisiting old stomping grounds like West Fork Trail, Oak Creek, just outside of Sedona. It’s very popular, so if you don’t go first thing in the morning, you have to share the trail with hundreds of others. I nudged everyone out the door at 6:45 a.m. to get a spot in the parking lot before hearing the “call of the canyon.” 

Ah, speaking of Zane Grey, The Call of the Canyon was one of his many books that had a film version from the silent era. During the creative process, it was this entrance into the canyon Zane Grey was thinking about. In fact, celebrities like Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart stayed at the Mayhew Lodge when filming in the area before it collapsed in to ruin leaving only remnants of its structure. Here are a few morning shots:   




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      1. Yarmouth is considered to be a ‘low rent’ place here. But I think it has a certain ‘faded charm’. It is a popular beach resort, though associated with the less well-off people in the East.


  1. Funny how one gains an impression from reading and viewing. Before my first trip to the US and driving across Arizona I had thought of it as stark and majestic, dry and beautiful. But coming across wooded areas and streams was an additional pleasure when driving through.

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  2. Absolutely splendid landscapes. I’ve always been attracted to the concept of an underground lair, but these images are enough to change a person’s thinking about stalactites. There’s a very appealing Butch Cassidy hole-in-the-wall flavor to this location.

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    1. Yes! I daydream that my novel will publish and the powers that be in Hollywood will film it here again. It’s time for a revisit! Over a 100 films from the silent and early 1900s were filmed in this area.

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    1. Oh, I know! The man who built it was quite the outdoorsman. In the late 1800s, there were lots of grizzlies, apparently, and he was famed for killing most of them, clearing out the canyon. He built the lodge and befriended those who visited.

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