Travel with Me: Lisbon and the Azores

Hello, blogging buddies. Do you like to hike and explore? Have you wanted to travel to a beautiful destination but the years roll on and it hasn’t happened yet? Maybe it’s been years since you took an international trip. Share with your spouse, your brother, your daughter or grandchild how traveling makes you feel alive when you experience another culture.

The only way destination traveling happens is by planning for it. I’m hosting a 9-day trip, July 2021, to Lisbon and San Miguel Island (with a possible ferry to the island of Terceira). Take a look at Motion Landscapes, a Rui Martins video of San Miguel island in the Azores archipelago to see where our small group will explore. Our departure city is Phoenix. If you live closer, your departure city and price will be altered.

Curious? Check out the tour details and itinerary. Enter the following tour ID code here: cbruchman2021

Image result for images of san miguel island azores

Email me at to discuss the trip, or chat with me in the comments section below. 

42 thoughts on “Travel with Me: Lisbon and the Azores

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        1. WWII was everywhere.
          I’d like to read this book:
          Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945 or try this:

          It’s educational traveling + hiking + shopping + relaxing + pints + wine + nice hotels = fabulous time

  1. I love travelling. ANYWHERE. It makes me feel alive. Heck there’s places in my own country I’ve never been to that I ought to check out. Likely pretty affordable too. Rose and I are going to the Yucatan soon to check out those pyramids. Travelling? Love it!!

    1. I find that I’m devoted to all the people of my life and they all get a piece of me. I have been taking trips abroad every summer for 9-10 days, and it’s the one time a year my world has to wait for my return. If it’s selfish, I don’t care. It’s the one time a year I feel utterly live. I share the experiences with others and we always have a memorable time. People are usually too scared to make the decision to travel. Scared of the unknown future. Scared something will happen. Scared they can’t pay off the amount. That’s why we sign up far in advance so that you have plenty of time to pay for it without it crushing your bank book. Before you know it, the time has come. Insurance is included in case something unforeseen occurs. I can’t control the weather, but that’s why I go in June or July.
      The best part is that it’s very flexible to each and every guest. Within the safety of a group, you are able to venture out and do what you like.

        1. It’s okay, Pam. You are about to reinvent yourself. Maybe in a few years…
          My bucket list is long and I’m only getting older.
          BTW, still looking forward to Dec 13 with you as co-host! I’m going to rent “The Lady with a Dog”(1960) today. 🙂

    1. Not mine, yet! It will creep up. I think Lisbon’s colonial architecture and food and the air will be a seductive tonic for the soul…Then off for exciting hiking! You and your lovely wife should join me. 😉

    1. I know! It glows. I have to wait a couple yaers, but I swear, the anticipation helps me a lot endure the doledrums and banality of a day. Looking forward to a trip is my favorite way to stay in a good mood.

      1. The trip was sponsored by the University (you know how that works). I visited 9 countries and 30 plus cities in 31 days. Toledo & Barcelona (Spain) and Florence & Venice (Italy) were my favorites … I always encourage students to do college trips (it is a bit harder when you have a family), it definitely changed my life! 🙂

        1. Yes, I hear you. I love the cities you mentioned. Each visit makes me wish I could stay a month. My big goal in life is to retire (8 years and counting) and stay a few months here and a few months there….

  2. Cindy, i’ve been meaning to get back to you. I would love to do that trip.. But I conferred with Rose and I guess it’s nol to happen. In 2 months we are booked to Central America to see the pyramids. I guess that will take all our money.
    So … have a great trip … and a Wonderful Christmas!

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