IMO: 2018

2018 was like riding a temperamental thoroughbred without a saddle. An exceptional year set at a furious pace containing great and horrible events. I am exhausted. Since we have already concluded the first week of 2019, will the fast pace set up the new year as a repeat? I regret not posting enough or following your blogs to the extent you have written them. In exchange for sporadic blogging, I spent my time completing my second novel, Inside the Gold Plated Pistol. That feels very good indeed! Wish me luck as I search for an agent who might see something worthy in the narrative. A sweet cherry was given to me when Arizona’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology compiled and edited by Z Publishing House featured an excerpt from my novel ( Inside the Gold Plated Pistol is the second installment in a six-part series chronicling new heroes of the United States from the twentieth century. It took me five years to research and write it. Good grief, I’ll be 76 by the time I finish the project. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Hurry, Cindy!

winter fire ring
Winter Fire Ring

Since “rushed time” is my theme, here are a few pictures that represent the highs and lows of 2018. Let’s go backward.

For two weeks we have been entertaining family. Our guests wanted snow. And they got it. Arizona had a couple big snow storms recently. Kids and grandkids had fun sledding and appreciating that strange white stuff in the White Mountains on the eastern side of the state. Returning to North Central AZ was problematic. On New Year’s Eve, it took eleven hours to drive through a sudden storm with blinding snow and freezing temperatures. Back home, the snow had melted and we are back to 50-degree temperatures.

The late summer and fall contained the busiest workload I’ve thrown on myself in years. I did it. But I don’t remember how.

In June I took a group to Rome and Sorrento and had a blast.

Sorrento at Dusk

After twenty-six years of being divorced, the end of April was special as I married Jim on our version of the “Love Train”.

april wedding
April Wedding

It was a dream come true to see our two sides of the family mingle in one location. It certainly was the highlight of the year.

the gross time
The Gross Time

The start of 2018 was a nightmare. In short, I was in and out of the hospital from Jan – April multiple times. Thirteen times to the E.R., tests, tests, and more tests, two surgeries, a blood clot, two long distance ambulance rides, and $158k later, I was able to return to work and finish out the school year and marry at the end of the month. My liver and gallbladder were the culprits. The disgusting details surrounding their rebellion in my body I am still trying to repress.

Hiking in Sedona in December and January is the best time to explore the canyons as it is cool and refreshing. Here’s a shot from Fay Canyon about twenty minutes from my home. This right before my body shut down.

Winter Hike in Sedona


I’m not much a fan of newsletters sharing all the things one has done throughout the year, but I’ve noticed bloggers like listing and recapping their year. So why not? Let me include by sharing my favorite choices of entertainment in 2018.

Isle of Dogs


The Green Book

MI: Fallout

The Last Kingdom, Season 3

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season 1

A Quiet Place


A Star is Born

The Happy Prince

Most Entertaining Book: The Sisters Brothers

There you go. What was your favorite movie or book of the year?

See, there’s snow in Arizona.

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  1. 2018 was certainly a year of great highs and unfortunate lows for you…but they are in your rear view mirror now, with a new book ready to be released – kudos for that! Your list of best entertainment of the year is a good one – let me add season 2 of “Mrs. Maisel”, which was even better than the first! For me, “A Star Is Born” was the film of 2018 for many reasons…again, good luck on all of your 2019 goals – you deserve them all


    1. Hi John, thank you for the kind thoughts and wishes. Oh, I’m glad that the second season is better–Iove the show–feels like a cross between Seinfeld and Mad Men. I love everything about it. A Star is Born was pretty special. I won’t be surprised if it wins all the awards this year.

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  2. So glad you recovered from that awful illness.
    Snow in Arizona? Well, maybe it doesn’t sound so attractive to me anymore!
    I have only seen one of the films on your list, A Quiet Place.
    My favourite film of 2018? I don’t think I saw any actually released that year, except A Quiet Place.
    So, favourite film ‘watched’ in 2018? That’s a tough choice that I will have to think about. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete. x


  3. My highlight is having you posting some wonderful things for me and others to read and experience. So glad things ended up better for you by year’s end, Cindy. πŸ™‚


  4. That was quite a year for you! Very happy you are well again, at $158K I hope your insides are now gold plated! Congratulations on completing your novel, I enjoyed the first one a lot. Movie of the year for me The Greatest Showman (I know it was 2017 but I only just saw it last month πŸ™‚ ) and Infinity Wars, the book of the year, A Treachery of Spies by Manda Scott ~ about the SOE in WW2 but set in present day.


    1. Your choices sound interesting, Fraggle. I’ll have to remember the book title. The Greatest Showman a lot of people liked but didn’t fair so well over here. I love Hugh Jackman. What a gorgeous talented man. Thank God for insurance which paid for most all of it. I don’t know what I would have done if hadn’t had any. 2019 a New Year with a lot of fun adventures in the line up. I hope it all works out. Less stress. That’s what I’m praying for.

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  5. So pleased you are through with all that medical stuff. I don’t really have a favourite film. Of so many favourite books I would select Dirk Bogard’s ‘A Postillion Struck by Lightning’


  6. Sounds like 2018 was a bad year for you. Me too. It was nip and tuck for several months, So glad your second novel is finished and of course your marriage. Let’s hope 2019 is a better year health-wise for both of us.


    1. Hi Don, ohh, I’m sorry you were down and out, too. It’s now a bad memory–I hope your situation is better and you are healthy. Thank you for the kind words! Looking forward to reading more of your stories about backstage in MN. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Jennie. Thanks, much. So far 2019 is picking up speed. Announcements at work have me thinking my summer will be filled with work projects. $ is nice, but I have to be careful not to over do it. That’s why my years are chaotic. I hope your teaching year is going smoothly. πŸ™‚

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  7. I cannot believe how much you get charged for medical treatment in the US! So glad you are well again though. 2018 was pretty tumultuous for me as well. I could do with some peace and quiet in 2019!


    1. Hi Abbi. I have good insurance so I only had to pay a small fraction of that amount. There was a guy at work, though, who made the comment “OH, so YOU’RE the reason why the rates we pay are so high!” As if I wished that kind of illness on myself. Humpf.
      Your job change and growing child is enough to tax the patience of a saint. I hope your 2019 is calmer, too.


  8. OH MY!! What a year you had! Sorry about all your health difficulties. Happy about your Wedding. Without Love it just ain’t worth much here. Glad you’re back and at it.

    Movies … ‘They Shall not Grow Old’, ‘Daredevil’, ‘The Last Kingdom’, ‘Outlaw King’ …


  9. Oh my gosh, that first image is just gorgeous. I can’t wait to show it to my wife.

    Quite the year, right. From the ER to Rome (and I’m guessing Rome was the most fun). Good movies too. M;I-Fallout, A Quiet Place, Roma, etc.


    1. Thanks, Keith. Yes, the winter ring was fun to sit around. The snow was a treat for we here in AZ. You are absolutely right! The stay in the hospital on one side of the spectrum while Rome was on the other with regards to pleasure and pain….Thanks for commenting!

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  10. Wow, what a year! Very sorry to hear about the ailments you’ve suffered — but glad to see you’ve been able to resume a fun and interesting life! I gotta say, that last photo of AZ snow is just breathtaking. Wowwww. I have a friend whose parents owned a time share in Sedona. I am so stupid for never taking them up on an offer to visit them there once. Arrgggh. That is such a pretty place.

    And before I forget again, big congratulations on the wedding, lovely looking family!


    1. Hi Eric, sorry for the delayed response. Swamped at work….
      There were dark spots and shining moments. Traveling is always the highlight of my life. I aspire to a Truman Capote lifestyle evenually where I live in beautiful places for months at a time and write all day long.

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    1. Oh great! I saw it in the theater and thought it very charming. I agree, Viggo really impressed me. It is still my favorite of the year.
      Is it me, or did you find the movies weak this year? Few and far between and not a strong year.


      1. not as weal as last as last year. i just saw a star i born and loved the first half, until lady gaga turned into lady gaga. still a lot i havent seen, next up is my sisters brother, an acceptable loss, the favourite, and vice…….


        1. Me, too! I didn’t like much the latter half. That happens too much for me. A great premise that falls into predictablility.
          I read the book of Sisters Brothers — really awesome. Felt like Twain. I saw the Favourite. I want to write a post so will wait to tell you my mixed opinion. I’m not bothering with Vice. Did you like The Mule? It was a mixture for me. Mostly mediocre.


          1. the opening sequence was well done, and the depiction of he nasa lifestyle was accurate. imy dad worked on the moon landing and previous launchings and i was there in cocoa beach for several months in 66+67. but the narrative was a mess and the moon trip disappointing. but your right. it wasnt the worst, the worst was the man who killed don quixote.


          2. Oscar is fine and Kingsley is fine. It lacked a narrative climax for me. The characters were underdeveloped due to a weak script. I want to post about it but I struggle with finding time, as always. I am trying to focus on Burton.


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