1 Shot Wednesday, Arizona, nature, photography

1 Shot Wednesday

A magical rainbow mates with a mystical ruin. 

Sitting on a hill in the Verde Valley, Arizona, the Tuzigoot Monument is a pueblo made by the descendants of the Hopi Indians, the Sinagua people circa 1500. The mound was discovered and unearthed in 1933-35 with funds from the WPA and CVA during the Depression. Franklin D. Roosevelt made it a National Monument in 1939. You can read more about the park found HERE. I took this picture in February 2015. That pot of gold is right behind the mesquite bushes.

Rainbow over Tuzigoot


21 thoughts on “1 Shot Wednesday”

    1. They are gangly looking. Coming from green grassy hills and valleys with deciduous trees, it was hard to adjust to the desert with the ugly bushes. But, they are what they are and you learn to look at the sky and the layers and the horizon and I don’t even seem them anymore.

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