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1 Shot Wednesday: Blooming Cacti

Today, I got out of the hospital after nine days. This is a dastardly Groundhog’s day! Last spring, my body created drama when she conjured up a strange condition that included a liter of cysts and a confused bile duct. Let’s not go there again. This year, my gut brewed up an unhealthy potion that poisoned the host. Last year, I was down and out for six weeks. This year, as I walk into my home, I wonder, “Are we done, now? Please, no more complications.” The monster bacteria will be silenced by the sword of an anti-inflammatory. I will watch as it assails monster b. back to its evil kingdom for good.

I pat my bulb drain, affixed to my tummy like a good luck charm. Hope urges me on with a response. “We’ll see how it pans out.”

I picked this lemony cacti in all her glory; despite how I feel on the inside, looking at this 1.21 meters (4 feet) plant makes me smile. I don’t know when I’ll return with a fresh post. A happy first day of spring, to you.

48 thoughts on “1 Shot Wednesday: Blooming Cacti”

  1. So sorry to hear that you have had to return to the hospital, and I hope you convalesce quickly and comfortably – the picture is beautiful, I love how much color springs from a single plant

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  2. Oh Cindy I’m so sorry you are going through all these body problems. The body doesn’t always do what we want it to does it? I’m getting more reminders to convince me I need to take things easier now and not try to be superman doing everything I want to do. But I’m happy to wake up to every day as I know you are too. Wishing for you a speedy recovery and victory over the bug. Love the cactus flowers. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Ian. Truly feeling older than younger. I didn’t do anything wrong, so I am angry. After stewing for a bit, I get it. I am not being punished. I am just growing older! (The little girl shakes her head, lower lip out.)

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  3. Bloody beautiful much your attitude. I did ss h you the best Cindy, it’s a rough pill to swallow but I have no doubt you endure better than most and look forward to hearing of your full recovery.


  4. Sorry you’ve been ill, and get well soon ! Here in England we have had spring for 20 days already, after the Meteorological Office just decreed “It’s March 1st” , I have absolutely no idea why, I’m afraid, although I was no doubt told during one of those very rare periods when I fall asleep in the news.


    1. Haha. March 1 starts spring for you? I had forgotten that.
      I have a nephew who is stationed on a RAF base out of London. I hope he is enjoying the differences and similarities of our two cultures.


  5. Such a beautiful cactus, and a delight to see. I am sending my best get-well thoughts to you, as you know.
    (Is your nephew at Lakenheath? That is quite close to where I live)
    Best wishes, Pete. x


      1. I live north-east of Lakenheath, but only 34 miles away. The planes fly over here a lot, on their combat exercises. Marham air base is only 12 miles away, but that’s mostly UK fliers. πŸ™‚

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  6. When you’re not around, I suspect you are researching and watching movies or out taking some of your outstanding photographs, but here you were in the hospital !! I sincerely hope you are not having to go through that again!! The cactus flowers are glorious.


  7. That’s a lovely cactus, I must get into those again. Cindy I can only repeat what others have said, heartbreaking to hear you’ve been so poorly again, and keeping my fingers toes and eyes crossed for your swift recovery and speedy return to full on living!


  8. Oh Cindy, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill again. Hopefully you’re on the road to recovery and will be out and about taking photographs of our beautiful landscape.


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