1 Shot Wednesday: Full Moon Blossoms

Still in and out of the hospital. Two steps forward, one step back. My 1 Shot Wednesdays are all I can do at the moment. Stupid Polycystic Liver Disease.

Full Moon Blossom

When I think of spring blossoms, they are glowing in the sunshine. A couple of years ago, the moon was full, and we happened to be in a parking lot where the lights lit up the cherry blossoms. The black and white contrast appealed to me. Even in non-descript places like a parking lot, there is beauty to behold.

41 thoughts on “1 Shot Wednesday: Full Moon Blossoms

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  1. It must be frustrating but at least “Two steps forward, one step back” isn’t as bad as “One step forward, two steps back”.
    Polycystic Liver Disease is a rare complaint. I would think that your doctors, therefore, will be extra keen to cure it so they can tell all their friends at the golf club how clever they are. So stay positive!


    1. You made me smile, John. It’s an odd ball disease to inherit. I’d rather have this than diabetes. It’s basically, growing cysts to the sizes of softballs and volleyballs, they open them up and drain them and you take a month to recuperate. A painful, boring way to exist while sneaking in hours at work. No time for much else, including blogging. I’m sorry.


  2. Nice juxtaposition, Cindy.
    As you know, I have been concerned a great deal. I hope the steps are all forward ones soon, my good friend.
    Best wishes always, Pete. x


    1. The drains they insert into your side to pull out the fluid take a long time to stop. leave you with out your side take a long time to stop. They cause me pain. Anyway, next week I should be much better and hopefully my life will continue on (until more grow to the size of melons). A bizarre, random disease to have.

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    1. Hmmm. I’d have to research that. I’m guessing they need the sun to open up. They do close up at sunset, the ones around me. But I don’t know about ALL of them. Tests, pokes, and prods. Eeh. I will forget the pain as soon as possible. Looking at pretty flowers helps!

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  3. this one shot is so fabuoulous that you dont need any more. in fact, when i first saw it i thought that if the others were this good, i would not be able to choose a favorite. hope you are feeling better


    1. Wow! I wasn’t sure if the unfocused moon and blossoms detracted from the few clusters in the foreground that were in focus. I thought of you, truly I did, Bill. I wondered if you would like it or not. Yay! Thank you for the positive feedback.


      1. i saw the photo as a unified whole. ddnt isolate the parts. i didnt see some blossons as out of focusand others as in focus, but looked at it as a painting, each piece having different textures.

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