1 Shot Wednesday: Rhodes Beach

Rhodes beach

Rhodes, Greece has the kind of water that had me gaping at the edge of the sand. The layers of cobalt and cerulean took my breath away. The day was windy, and the slam of the waves on the beach was commanding. No way I was going into the water. Instead, I watched braver souls swim out to the cobalt and ride their way back on cerulean waves to the shore. I stared at the sailboat sitting on the horizon and wondered where it was headed. Perhaps to a quiet lagoon for snorkeling or to a grotto to admire the colorful reflections off of rock and water?

On a bright summer day, staring at the water was enough for me.

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          1. Plus I have been to China, Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara. Western, Central and Eastern Russia. Singapore, much of Europe, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria; even Wales and Scotland! But I never got to Scandinavia, or the Americas, so that’s a regret

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          2. France a few times, Spain a few times, Italy, Poland,Scotland,Wales,USA~(Rochester,OhioNashville,New York) ,Cyprus,Belgium,Holland,Germany and Thailand. Trying to decide where to go this year, would love to do Nashville again, but I’ve also got a yearning for Croatia & The Dalmation Coast. Or Ireland. Or Greece, sigh, it’s too hard to decide when you haven’t got long left!!


          3. Well now look who’s bragging! πŸ˜‰
            Seriously, I’m happy for you. Thailand. Wow, that must have been interesting. Croatia I here is cheap and exceptional. When in doubt, go to them all!

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          4. Many of those trips were summer holidays for just two weeks, Sue. Some of them were longer, such as those to Soviet Central Asia, and China. I never thought of myself as a ‘traveller’ though, as I always had to get back for work. πŸ™‚


          5. Carthage! The Bardo Museum! Phil’s dad fought the Germans there in Operation Torch. A lot of our travels have WW 1 & 2 elements, but also ancient history for me.


          6. Oh, yes, of course. Now I feel stupid.
            I would enjoy going to Sardinia. Both are close by ferry. My daydream is when I’m retired in seven years, I will spend a few weeks here and then there. The Italian and Greek Islands. I just love the region.

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      1. We go to Pensacola Beach and Gulf Shores a lot (going to GS in July). The favorites we’ve been to have been in Mexico. So many others I would like to visit.


        1. Thanks for asking, my friend. I’m about 90 percent. Trying to get stronger. I have a trip around the corner and want to hike and kayak. School is about out and my jobs for the semester are over. I’m feeling more bubbly inside.

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