MIM: Musical Instrument Museum

A history lesson

What do Elvis, Pete Townsend, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny Cash, Ray Orbison, and Carlos Santana, have in common? Well, their famous electric guitars are in a featured exhibit at the Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix.  Our family spent the day there yesterday. It was very impressive; we felt like we had traveled the world when we were through. The museum features all instruments from around the world. It’s massive. So let’s play a little game, guitar enthusiasts. From the guitar greats listed aforementioned, who belongs to the famous guitar?


Focusing on random guitars, here are more random shots. 

1938 Electric Model M Hawaiian Guitar
1950s Quad Stringmaster electric steel guitar
Not a guitar, but Ravi Shankar’s sitar.


1. Pete; 2. Johnny; 3. Elvis; 4. Elvis; 5. Santana; 6 Roy; 7. Stevie Ray 



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  1. Cool,,, I got #6.
    My favorite guitar was owned by Spanish gypsy, Manitas De Plata. One one side Salvador Dali had painted a picture. On the other there was a Pablo Picasso painting. He actually handed it to me so I could say I held a genuine Dali and a genuine Picasso.


  2. How amazing. I would love to have visited that museum. I notice they had a sitar there. I owned one while working in India and took lessons. I was just looking at a picture of me playing to my very young baby daughter and having a chuckle over it this week. Interesting instrument.


  3. I guessed a couple before I got to the end, though Roy’s guitar strap was a giveaway that I won’t claim. 🙂

    I have an electric guitar. It is a Gibson Les Paul copy, (by Epiphone) assembled in the US. It was first prize in a competition that I entered, and one of the few things I ever won. A friend gave me a Marshall practice amp, and I tried to learn to play it. But I was lacking those two essentials. Patience, and natural ability.
    But I love its timeless look. Here’s a photo of one the same as mine.

    Best wishes, Pete. x


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