1 Shot Wednesday: Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast

Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast

The guide on our boat tour said this was the fourth most popular photographed spot in the world. (Makes me wonder what the other three might be?) The Na Pali Coastline is home to many movie locations including Jurassic Park and King Kong (1976).

I know it’s corny, but one reason Kauai was on my bucket list was because of this scene.

If you would like to see a professional video of the famous Na Pali coast, check this out.


37 Comments on “1 Shot Wednesday: Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast

  1. Apparently there are lots and lots and lots of people turning up somewhere in Northern Ireland to see where Game of Thrones was filmed. That might conceivably one of the top ones, although it will probably be a one day wonder.


      • I love that you included that for perspective – I took a helicopter ride on the island of Kauai where they filmed some great outdoor mountain shots as well!

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          • I’m sure snorkeling in this waters was sublime as well – what a terrific trip you are having, glad it’s a great celebration!


          • Thank you heartedly, John! We both share a love for traveling. You’ve been around, too. It’s nice to know a fellow traveler who sees traveling as celebrating life. Stay tuned. More adventures this summer yet to come!


  2. Great post πŸ™‚ That is a beautiful picture of the Na Pali Coast πŸ™‚ Not only did I love that Jurassic Park video, but I especially loved that Amazing Planet video of it that showed it in every single detail of it’s glory πŸ™‚ The music in the background was fitting as well πŸ™‚ Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚


      • Fiji yes, the usual exotics no. Philippines, Indonesia, Guam Saipan and those other remote islands were part of my responsibility for ten years along with the East Asia Pacific. I can remember flying from Davao in South Philippines to Borneo in a small plane flying at a height where you can appreciate the beauty of the Pacific. Unfortunately because of strong headwinds we were anxious as it looked like we could run out of fuel. That was stressful. On some of those islands important staging points in the Pacific War I’ve walked over old airstrips with trees growing all over them and seen thousands of barrels of fuel rotting at the side of the tarmac. Potential for major pollution in future I’d imagine. Hopefully they were empty drums. It was sobering to visit Jaya Pura (Place of victory in Sanskrit) and see the memorials to General Macarthur’s thrust toward the Philippines. Much more sobering than reading a book about it to actually see places that figured so much in that saga.


  3. Amazing, I’m envious. Funnily enough I watched the 1976 King Kong for the first time just last month. Oh to be there.


    • Well, I have one last batch of photos. I’m guessing people are probably getting sick of them. Anyway, I appreciate your commenting. Most people I know enjoy traveling. Nothing better than to compare notes and find out what the other person found cool about their trip.

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