WWII movies from 2000 to the present

I invite anyone to co-host September 13 rendition of the Lucky 13 Film Club. I’d like to feature World War II movies made from 2000 to the present. Sorry, Saving Private Ryan fans. World War II is on my mind. I’m reading several books about it for research. Why not do an L13FC about it? Since so many movies have been made about World War II, I wanted to limit the selections to the last twenty years.Β  Anyone interested in co-hosting? Let’s talk about it.

Email me at cbruchman@yahoo.comΒ 


25 thoughts on “WWII movies from 2000 to the present”

  1. Private Ryan certainly had one of the best, intense, and realistic opening scenes ever. I had a problem with the bit about Hanks setting the captured German soldier free and the end result of that humanitarian action.
    ATONEMENT had the fantastic piece of film making, the five minute continuous shot of the men waiting to be rescued on the beach at Dunkirk, I have ever seen. Other than that the movie depressed me to no end.
    I enjoy the old WWII movies when they were made with the events fresh in minds of the makers, the actors, and the audience. Although I pass on any John Wayne winning the war movies. The war movies in the last 20 years, like so many of all action movies made in that time period, rely too much on special effects instead of plot and character development.


  2. What wonderful timing Cindy! I actually just posted yesterday a WWII film that was released onto streaming back in March. It’s called Mission of Honor (original title ‘Hurricane’)

    I’d be happy to contribute my review or snippets of it, whatever, to this L13 Club.


      1. Ah damn! I’m sorry about that, yeah I forgot yo send along an email. Sounds good though, Cindy. I’d be happy to take part again. Thanks for letting me know!

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  3. Since I co-hosted the last Lucky 13 Film Club with you, I think it is only fair that you chose another blogger, but I must say, I had a super fun time co-hosting that Altman blog entry with you a month back πŸ™‚ As fo 21st century WWII films, my favorite is Dunkirk, but then again, I did not count how many have come out since 2000. Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚


  4. My Dad – who fought in Germany with the Calgary Highlanders – probably went to every WWII that ever existed. So we saw them too. Some were great (The Bridge of the River Kwai) – some were awful (The Devil’s Brigade). But we watched ’em all. I haven’t kept up that tradition since I left home. Occasionally something good comes out (Gallipoli) (Tears of the Sun) … I know enough about History and realistic tactical fighting to separate the blood from the water. A few are worth a rewatch. Mostly not. I’ve started watching Private Ryan about 4 times. Never finished. Something about that movie just doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s Spielberg.


    1. I know a few people who would agree with you. That is, about Spielberg. I enjoyed the film. However, the real post about WWII films from the last twenty years arrives on the 13th of September. Please come back!


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