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1 Shot Wednesday: Red-crested Cardinal

Red-crested Cardinal

This was the first time I had seen a Cardinal whose plumage looked like he was wearing a red cowl. He was one of the common, visual treats found on the island of Kaui from last summer’s visit.

47 thoughts on “1 Shot Wednesday: Red-crested Cardinal”

    1. I am always wishing for clearer close ups, but I find most of my shots are aimed at things far away and can’t seem to capture the far away shots, too. I would have to shell out a lot of money yo be able to achieve both goals. It is a fun hobby. Nothing more. Thanks for commenting

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  1. Around 1985, somebody knocked on our door in Nottingham, England, and said “You’ve got a really strange bird in your garden!” I went out to look, and it was one of these. I suppose it must have been an escaped cage bird, but it certainly brightened the place up!

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