A Girl Christmas

It’s a female Christmas for me this year. I’m used to making corned beef hash and serving up the hearty dishes for the men in my life. This year, one is a vegetarian, one is on Keto, and one won’t eat anything no matter how hard I try.

Salmon, celery sticks, lentils and lots of champagne. I can do this!

To my blogging buddies: I wish you warmth, photo opportunities, a drink that never empties, and good movies to watch. Blessings to your families and thank you for your company.

Love & Friendship,


Granddaughters for Christmas. O my!

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    1. Thanks Ingrid. It is! I’m having fun surrounded by girls and a puppy. My daughter arrives soon. We’ll be watching our classic favorites and watching the rain outside. I hope it’s dry wherever you are! Merry Christmas.

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  1. We also have one that doesn’t eat anything. He and his cousins had pizza on Boxing Day. I would have liked to have cooked but my mother-in-law is in full reigns now that we only arrive on Christmas day. She cooks everything until it is truly dead.


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