1 Shot Wednesday: Crash

Crash against a cliff, Kauai

In a little dingy, our group of six explored the coves and caves in southwest Kauai. The bobbing made focusing the camera difficult. I caught this wave smashing into the cliff. It was an imposing sound. The wave dissipated into a spray that covered our faces and clung to our hair. Is it possible to wear the power of nature? We did that summer morning.

38 Comments on “1 Shot Wednesday: Crash

    • Thank you, friend. I wish I could have had something in the shot that gave the cliff and the wave perspective. It was probably 100 feet or 0.03048 Kilometers high. The cliff was enormous.

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      • Maybe next time get a couple off the boat and have them stand on that little rocky outcrop at the bottom left of the cliffs, that’ll give you some scale 🀣


  1. β€œIs it possible to wear the power of nature?” I read it several times and each time it sent shivers down my spine. What a wonderfully powerful and provoking metaphor (and question)! The rock in the photo (clearly depicting the breathtaking power of nature) was able to. Thank you for such a vivid and thought provoking question and imagery, it’ll stay with me for a long while.


    • Well, gosh, thanks for the kind words. I was going for that — the metaphor, the idea of wearing that energy — glad you saw it my way, too!


  2. There’ll be some kind of formula as to how many times you have to photograph crashing waves before you are happy with the result. I reckon it’s at least twenty that you delete for every one you keep.


    • Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. Videos or movies featuring the violence of nature still can’t capture the horror/majesty of it. My favorite genre in literature is Naturalism. Special authors are close at revealing that power in a way that I can see it, smell it, feel it.
      I listened to Ian McClellen read “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” today. Oh, how I love how the ocean is portrayed in his ballad.


    • Eegads. They were visible to me, I have no idea why it wasn’t enabled. I went to quick edit and it should work now. Please, come over. I value your opinion on Sam Mendes. πŸ™‚


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