1 Shot Wednesday: Crash

Crash against a cliff, Kauai

In a little dingy, our group of six explored the coves and caves in southwest Kauai. The bobbing made focusing the camera difficult. I caught this wave smashing into the cliff. It was an imposing sound. The wave dissipated into a spray that covered our faces and clung to our hair. Is it possible to wear the power of nature? We did that summer morning.

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  1. β€œIs it possible to wear the power of nature?” I read it several times and each time it sent shivers down my spine. What a wonderfully powerful and provoking metaphor (and question)! The rock in the photo (clearly depicting the breathtaking power of nature) was able to. Thank you for such a vivid and thought provoking question and imagery, it’ll stay with me for a long while.


  2. There’ll be some kind of formula as to how many times you have to photograph crashing waves before you are happy with the result. I reckon it’s at least twenty that you delete for every one you keep.


    1. Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. Videos or movies featuring the violence of nature still can’t capture the horror/majesty of it. My favorite genre in literature is Naturalism. Special authors are close at revealing that power in a way that I can see it, smell it, feel it.
      I listened to Ian McClellen read “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” today. Oh, how I love how the ocean is portrayed in his ballad.


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