1 Shot Wednesday: Flamingo


Flamingo Head

Yesterday, I escorted forty students to the Phoenix Zoo, appreciative to be out of the classroom for the day. We strolled around the paths under sunny skies in 70-degree weather. Say what you want about Phoenix’s hot summers, the best time to visit is in January. Here’s a Flamingo who didn’t mind posing for me.

42 Comments on “1 Shot Wednesday: Flamingo

          • Ha Ha. My have the school room classrooms have changed, including the curriculum. I get a kick out of highschoolers who are teaching themselves how to write in cursive because it looks like fun. I’ve always thought as a teacher that it was a matter of a decade and students won’t need to write at all. Just type.

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          • I am often amazed at the handwriting of people 55 years and younger who did not go to private schools. Even then, the younger they are the more atrocious their handwriting appears. Printing of even simple block letters appears difficult. Whatever happened to “reading, ‘righting and ‘rithmatic”?


  1. When I was working in Phoenix and commuting weekly from LA, it was always an adventure to see what the weather would offer: my first week topped out at 117, but by the end, it was a series of gorgeous, clear 80 degree days and a brisk night…beautiful.


    • It was sublime yesterday. Just a perfect day and to spend it at the zoo was a pleasant way to spend the day. Many of my students had never been to the zoo, so that was fun, watching their expressions.

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    • We have lots of it out here. That’s one thing they get plenty of. Well, actually, we live 90 miles north of Phoenix. The air quaility in PHX can get nasty at times as it’s a big bowl and the heat and dust stays trapped in the valley.

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        • It’s a huge state. When I moved here in 2012, I had no idea it was so uncrowded and the size of a few states. In any direction, after an hour’s drive, the topography dramatically differs. I think it’s a very interesting state. Virginia, VT, Oregon, and AZ are the prettiest states in the union. What gives AZ the edge is the sunshine and warmth for your bones. It’s no wonder so many people in AZ come from other places.

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  2. so nice to see you got your wednesday shot. i miss the days of the firve shots, but it is a relief not to have to choose a favorite, as they are all so good.

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    • You are kind. I have been back to my home state of Illinois a few times since November to see my mother. While I try to take interesting pictures of my hometown, my county, I can’t find the light or the right angle. Anyway, I’m hoping to camp in March. Trying to go somewhere I haven’t been to before. Thank you, Bill.

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    • At first I was trying to capture him standing on one leg, but there were 100 others around him and I couldn’t get a clean shot of anything. I zeroed in on a face and hoped for the best. Thanks, JC.


  3. Whoa! Your photo makes a cool creature look even cooler, well done! I recently learned that flamingos are pink because of their diet, change that diet, they’re no longer pink. Who knew?


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