1 Shot Wednesday + a favor

…dreams really do come true.

This Wednesday’s photo is of Clarkdale, Arizona, my town getting zapped by a rainbow. What a great omen, eh?

Thank you to all who have read my latest published efforts, INSIDE THE GOLD PLATED PISTOL. Several of you have mentioned this second installment in a six-part series and featured it on your blog. I’m flattered and grateful.

Since then, I’ve been submerged in the marketing aspect of publishing and the need for social media connections. Building a platform and acquiring reviews on Amazon is crucial, they all say.

To those who have read The Knife with the Ivory Handle or Inside the Gold Plated Pistol, I would ask a huge favor. At the right sidebar are the widgets for each book.  Click the green link and it will take you to Amazon. Just hit the stars under the title of the book and “add a review”.

A few words are all it takes. According to those in the know, it’s a crucial step to the success of a book.

What? No time to read Inside the Gold Plated Pistol?  I understand. To those who are new to my blog, here’s a teaser:

It’s 1928. A dreamer, an addict, and a smuggler converge in the Arizona wilderness when a Hollywood film crew shoots a Zane Grey western.
One wants to escape her mother and become a movie star.
Two covet what’s hiding in the gold-plated pistol.
Three fight for their lives when disaster strikes in a red rock canyon.
Motivated by desperation and fueled by drive, their lives transform when they discover what’s inside the gold-plated pistol.

New News

I’m setting up a monthly newsletter featuring announcements, giveaways, and research findings regarding the third book situated in the Philippines in 1942. Cast your vote on the title. Share your knowledge of 1942.  Partake in trivia and games.

Would you like to be a part of the news, friendship, and fun?

Please, email me today.


Love & Friendship,


22 Comments on “1 Shot Wednesday + a favor

  1. As you know, I have already reviewed ‘Ivory Handle’, and I am back reading the rest of ‘Pistol’, review to follow. Please add me to your newsletter, at the email address you already use. 🙂
    The rainbow photo is spectacular!
    Best wishes, Pete. x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazon accepted my 5-star rating, but wouldn’t allow me to write a review. The same thing happened when I tried to review Jacqui Murray’s book. I don’t seem to spend enough money on Amazon (I can always find somewhere cheaper) and they don’t like that very much.


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